Latest Inventions Gadgets for Seniors

by R Long
December 05, 2016

Latest Inventions Gadgets Make Our Life Easier

Every now and then, a new gadget or gizmo comes out and sometimes it’s quite taxing to keep up with technology for the latest inventions and gadgets for seniors. With the surge of products in the market today, it can be pretty difficult to stay in the loop, much less use them. Many products can be complicated to use and this is something many of us do not have the patience for.

So we’ve searched around the technology marketplace looking for senior-friendly gadgets that are easy to use. Many of them came out in 2015 so they have been refined and are even easier for us all to use. Here’s what topped our list:

1. Apple Watch

Apple never fails to always stay ahead as they continue to come up with state-of-the-art gadgets. No doubt about that. Apple has unveiled another new gadget, the Apple Watch. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, this watch is said to be the “most personal device” they have ever created; well, because you will be practically wearing it all the time (with its battery that can last up to 18 hours).

The Apple Watch comes with beautifully and elegantly engineered bands and closures. The Apple Watch comes in three collections, series 8, the SE model, and the ultra model.

2. Fitbit Watch

The Fitbit watch is a necessity for seniors trying to get fit. The Fitbit slim fitness tracker is just the right size for a women’s slim wrist. It is stylish and looks like it belongs. It combines a fitness tracker into a beautifully designed watch.

It is hard to believe that it can include so many important features.

Just another of the simple inventions to help the elderly.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: The watch will take your heart rate and blood pressure. No need to use a blood pressure cuff when your watch will monitor these statistics all the time.

Blood Oxygen Level: This feature is especially useful after a high-intensity workout. When your blood oxygen level decreases, it is n indicator of needing hydration. Both water and oxygen are indicators of your general health.

Sleep Tracking: We all know how important having a good night’s sleep is to our feeling of well-being. When you track your light and deep sleep, you may be able to find a correlation between physical activities, the food you eat, when you eat, as well as your stress levels in relation to your nightly sleep quality.

Daily Activity Tracking: You can track your daily activity including the calories you use, the steps you take, as well as the distance you have walked or run on a daily basis.

Smart Functions: Not only is the watch a fitness tracker, but it will give you call and message notifications, information about the weather, and reminders for you to get up and move or hydrate, as well as being a great watch. The watch can play music or set an alarm. Yes, it even shows the time.

You can pair your watch to your smartphone for a record of your activity. With seven to ten days of the charge, you do not have to worry about the phone running down just when you need it.

3. GrandPad


GrandPad is perhaps “the” tablet for seniors (and we do not have to be over 75.) Older adults can tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that gets to any mobile device so they would rather not use a smartphone or a tablet at all. Luckily, the guys over at GrandPad understand this predicament. So they designed GrandPad with an aim to keep communication so much easier for seniors – easy, simple, and stress-free.

GrandPad is a 7-inch tablet that features big, bold, colorful icons and larger text with a very simple interface so seniors can easily use it and read it. It’s sort of a buffer system where it controls the flow of information being displayed on the tab. For example, posts will be displayed one at a time, or instead of the entire Facebook feed being displayed, GrandPad will only show a few photos and videos at a time from the feeds of family and friends. GrandPad comes with 4G LTE service so it eliminates the hassle of needing a router or broadband internet access or a WiFi hotspot. You basically can take it everywhere you go.

What is more unique about GrandPad is they have an impressive onboarding system so their rep will call you, train you, and walk you through each feature. And they even go beyond that by learning about songs that you like and they will help you load your favorite music onto the device. They can also set up contacts for you and help you configure the device so that Facebook and Instagram photos and videos are automatically loaded into the tablet.


  • Extensive onboarding process
  • Load custom music for seniors
  • Games for memory and mental acuity
  • Call and email feature
  • Voice emails
  • Photos, videos, music, internet encyclopedia
  • New content from family and friends automatically appears on the device
  • Family companion app – automatically downloads, installs, and logs you in
  • Family reports about how seniors use the GrandPad
  • 24/7 customer support in just a click of a button
  • Weather forecasts
  • Add up another family member as admin 

4.  Vitality GlowCap

latest inventions

Forgetting to take medications is common among seniors; let alone, seniors may have to take four or five different prescription drugs that trying to remember to take everything can be extremely challenging. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that only 50% of people suffering from chronic diseases adhere to their daily medication regimen. What many people don’t realize is that taking these things for granted can lead to adverse consequences.

Vitality GlowCap is the new approach to medication management. It features a twist-off cap that sends out reminders by blinking and beeping when it’s time for you to take your medication.


  • Light and sound indicators – It blinks and beeps when it’s time to take your pill
  • Medication reminders – It calls you or a family member or caregiver if you miss a dose
  • Plug-in reminder light – Working in tandem with the lid, simply plug this light into any outlet around your home and it will glow orange when it’s time to take your dose.
  • Progress reports – Sends weekly emails including detailed reports to users or caregivers
  • Push-to-cap refill button – Arrange and request a refill by simply pushing the button found beneath the base of the cap. This sets up an automatic callback to confirm your refill so you only need to go to your pharmacy to pick up your medications. 

5. ThermoShield Cook and Carry Crock-Pot

Cooking can be done while you are away at play! The ThermoShield Cook and Carry Crock-Pot is the perfect cooking appliance for older adults who are always on the go.

The Cooker allows you to control your slow-cooked dinner even while you’re out of your home. The outside stays cool even though the inside is not.

Before leaving your home, program the cooker to be working while you are away. The cooker will adjust the temperature to warm after the cooking time has expired.

No need to worry that the pot will get too hot. The ThermoShield retains the heat in the pot but keeps the outside cool.  

6.  Liftware


This device is specifically designed for people with impaired mobility like Parkinson’s disease who may be experiencing involuntary tremors and have difficulty bringing food into their mouth. Liftware is a stabilizing handle that connects to a spoon or fork attachment which works to adapt to your tremors; hence, shaking is reduced to 70%. You no longer have to worry about getting your food spilled so you get to simply enjoy your meal.

Their site shows these amazing videos of how this awesome gadget works.

How it works:
Its base contains sensors that detect motion. Meanwhile, a small, onboard computer is able to distinguish between an unwanted hand tremor and a hand’s intended movement which then directs the motors found in the handle to move against the direction of any detected tremor hence counteracting it and stabilizing motion as much as possible. The device can last for several meals and it comes with a charging cradle for recharging. It also has a storage pouch so you can bring it wherever you go.

While sometimes technology can seem overwhelming for several of us, we can’t deny the fact that it has made our lives so much easier and better connected. It just boils down to choosing gadgets that are user-friendly, efficient, and safe to use.

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