Seniors Stay Fit With SilverSneakers

by R Long
October 02, 2016

It is not unusual for us seniors to have back pains, joint pains, fatigue, depression, memory loss, and lack of flexibility. That may not be all but that should be sufficient for you to get the idea. Enough about my problems. Let’s talk about SilverSneakers.

It is normal for seniors to have these torments. However, it does not have to be this way. You can eradicate many of these, or at least reduce the impact of these pains by getting fit. And it is never too late to start.

Fitness Is For Everyone

Seniors need to stay fit and healthy. However, it’s not like you’re still 21. You can’t just throw yourself into a cardio class in the gym and expect to be able to keep up with the younger generation. Trying to break a sweat while doing strenuous, fast-paced exercises may be OK for them, but not for us.

Be careful. The last thing you need to do is increase the risk of injury. Any exercise can do harm and cause aches and pains when you are not used to it. And even occasionally when you are used to the exercise.

My personal goal is always to get fit and not get hurt. To achieve my goal while still getting a good workout, I always start out slow and build up to a greater degree of activity.

Join a class where the exercise routines are suited to your needs. Always consider your capacity to perform these activities.

The SilverSneakers fitness and wellness program is owned by Tivity Health. The program provides free gym memberships and classes to those seniors on eligible medicare plans as part of their insurance benefits. It is included in more than 65 Medicare health plans.

If you are seeking to improve your strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility, this plan is for you. You still have to go to the gym and work out, but at least there is no extra cost to you.


Who Is Eligible?

You can benefit from this program if you have specific group retirement plans or Medicare health plans. Click here to check whether your plan makes you eligible for a SilverSneakers membership. If your plan is not listed, check your health plan to find out if this benefit will be available.

What benefits do you get from the program?

♦Access to more than 12,000 participating locations across the country.

♦Access to online fitness classes.

♦Use of all basic amenities as well as group exercise classes specifically designed for seniors. This includes basic exercises, yoga, cardio circuit, Zumba, and certain outdoor fitness activities at parks and recreation centers.

♦on-demand videos so you can work out when and where you want to.

♦Assistance from the program-certified advisor/instructor.

♦An opportunity to meet with other seniors and have fun.

Simply present your SilverSneakers identification card or your health plan identification card to your chosen participating fitness gym and you’re all set.


SilverSneakers’ Group Exercise Classes

The SilverSneakers program offers group exercise classes that are designed to suit the needs of seniors. Let’s face it, there is no way you can lift very heavy weights or always have perfect balance while attempting a tree pose.

To ensure the safety of their members, SilverSneakers exercises are designed to be safe and tailored towards the senior community. The goal is to help seniors reach their optimum fitness results. In many classes, chairs are being used as part of the exercise to provide extra support during portions of the exercise and while stretching.

SilverSneakers gym classes include:

SilverSneakers Classic – use of exercise ball, handheld weights, and elastic tubing with handles. Chair support is also provided. You will enhance your muscle strength, improve your range of movement, and boost your daily activity skills.

SilverSneakers Yoga – a series of seated and standing yoga poses along with chair support to be able to perform the poses safely yet effectively. The program also includes breathing exercises as well as final relaxation. By increasing your flexibility as well as improving your balance and range of movement, you will reduce stress, and clear your mind.

SilverSneakers Cardio Circuit – a standing circuit workout that combines fun and fitness through non-impact aerobic routines using a ball, elastic tubing with handles, and handheld weights. Chair support is provided. You will improve your cardio and muscle endurance by performing this exercise.

Zumba Gold – a dance fitness class consisting of classic Zumba style elements as well as certain moves modified with the older adults. The intent is to achieve enhanced cardio endurance; a comfortable range of motion; increased mobility, coordination, memory skills, and balance. Rock to the music of our era and get your dancing shoes ready for a fun, healthy experience!

Additional Classes

SilverSneakers also offers invigorating and entertaining classes held at recreation centers, retirement communities, parks, and other local venues. These classes may include:

  • Line dancing and Latin dance
  • Walking groups
  • Indoor and outdoor boot camps

Note that not all locations may offer all of the classes listed above. To check out which gyms are offering the SilverSneakers program in your area, visit their site locator.

Take Advantage Of this Benefit

More than 11 million people are eligible for the SilverSneakers program. However, not everyone is actually taking advantage of this benefit primarily because they may not be aware of it.

Is this the first time that you’ve heard of the SilverSneakers program? Spread the good news and start your journey towards a fitter, healthier, happier senior lifestyle.

Read more at for all things senior.

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