Power Spin Class with Will

by R Long
October 01, 2018

If he can lead a spin class, you can attend one!

Indoor cycling or a spin class is a great way to get exercise. Anyone and everyone can do it. There are no restrictions on sex, age, body weight, body strength, or aerobic fitness. To tell the truth, no one cares. Just find a class and go. If you decide a class is not for you, you can still ride a bicycle for great health benefits.

In spin class, you can just sit on the bike and pedal the whole time. No one will know if you are or are not working hard. The first few times you go, we recommend you do just that. Remember, the objective is to get a workout, not to get an injury. If you are very sore the next day, you may never want to come back.

Take your time and work up to a more difficult workout. No one is keeping score. Exercise is good for your waist, it is good for your anti-aging routines, and it is good for your mental well-being. It is just good for you, period!

bikes in a row, not spin class

Unwritten Rules

There are a few unwritten rules you need to follow.

  1. Wear comfortable, and not too loose clothing. You do not want a long skirt or loose-fitting pants to get in the way of the pedals.
  2. Bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.
  3. Get to class early enough to adjust your bicycle. (Yes, they adjust. You can change the height of the saddle (seat) and the handlebars.)
  4. Keep both hands on the handlebars unless the instructor tells you otherwise.
  5. Do not use your cell phone while on the bicycle.
  6. Do not overexert yourself.
  7. If you have problems with your ears, and even if you do not, take earplugs. The music gets loud.
  8. If you do not like the music, just put up with it. You can listen to anything for an hour.

If you are 25 or 75, you can join a class. There is no excuse not to. Riding a stationary bicycle is not hard on your knees or joints. The bicycle will not fall over. You do not have to stand up on the bicycle pedals just because the instructor does. Look around you, there will be others just staying in their seats.

Spin class is a high-energy class. The time passes swiftly as the music is invigorating. The class is made up of all different types of individuals. They have one thing in common, they are all joining in. The atmosphere is inviting. The room may be darkened with a spotlight on the instructor. Note, no one is looking at you. You probably will sweat. Great, it proves you are working!

bicycle racing but not in spin class

Spin Class

I love Will’s class.  It is exhilarating. He is a spin coach at the YMCA in Atlanta, GA. There are many spin classes on the schedule. Will leads the class twice a week. Joseph, Barbie, Batman, and Michel also lead spin classes. When you enter the front door of the YMCA, Harold may be there to greet you as you enter. Terron may be the one to thank you when you leave.

Come to spin class and join the fun. Your age does not matter. You will get a great workout with a great team leader. You will use your brain and your body. And when it is over, you will feel great.


The YMCA is a great organization in every town. Donating to the Y is admirable. They make it easy to give. Use the direct link to their gift giving page. Everyone who donates is doing a service for their community. The East Lake YMCA in Atlanta, GA is grateful for all donations. I hope to see you there. I will be the one on the far side in the front row.

Read more at Guide for Seniors.


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