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BigTime Tommie

BigTime Tommie might be the most one-of-a-kind human being on earth. Puffin a fat-ass Toro in front of his ’85 eldorado Biarritz, wearing Saudi Prince shades, decked out head-to-toe in gold like the king he is. If you are unfamiliar with Tommie, he is apparently a Nassau County legend in the Italian-American community.

This is one Instagram star we can all probably agree with. Tommie Romola, better known as BIGTIME TOMMIE, is a hero.

We love it because he preaches keeping things Old School! For many, the music he plays brings back good memories. However, it’s not just the music, he preaches respect, good vibes, and keeping things real. His motto is “Old School 4 Life” and he backs it up.

10 Reasons BigTime Tommie Makes Sense

1. “Make America old school again.”

2. “Privacy is power, what People do not know about you, they can not use against you.”

3. “Believing in your self is the first step to success.”

4. “An ugly personality destroys a pretty face. Remember. Don’t cost nothin to be nice.”

5. “I’d rather eat crumbs with bums than steak with snakes.”

6. “Believe in yourself and you are halfway.”

7. “Forget about getting even with all those people who did you wrong, and instead get even with all those people who did you right.”

8. “In life, the only way to fail is to quit.”

9. “A negative mind will never result with a positive life.”

10. “Great things happen when you distance yourself from negative people.”

Wish we all could be so positive. 

Live your life the way you should! You are the only one who can. Now get out there and lose the negativity.

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