Uber – It Is So Easy!

by R Long
October 29, 2017

Everyone has read or at the very least heard about Uber. It is easier to catch a ride on Uber to the airport when you are on your way to one of your unforgettable senior cruises or when you just do not want to drive your car. It is less expensive than paying for airport parking. The “younger” generation” just loves it.  After you use the app on your smartphone, just once, you too will understand. The app can be downloaded to any smartphone, whether it is an android or apple.

Uber: The Ride Share App

Uber is a ride-share app. You “call” uber on your smartphone and after you agree to the fare, your ride will magically appear! It is amazing how quickly the car shows up. You have your own chauffeur. There is no haggling over the fare or watching the meter. The fare was established when you accepted the ride. If you want to leave a tip, the app will ask you and it will be added to your fare. Later, there will be an email in your inbox confirming the ride and the amount paid. Easy peasy!

It is so clear that anyone can do it, even me, a senior. To sign up, go to the app store on your smartphone. Find the Uber app, download the app at no charge, fill in the requested information, and wait for a text message on your phone to be sure your number is correct.

It is easy to sign up and there is no cost unless you decide to use their services. Sign up before you think you will need to use the app as it takes a few minutes to complete the application. Please note they do want a credit card number so your ride will be immediate. They do not ask you for money when you use their services, they just use the credit card number you entered. No, they will NOT charge the credit card unless you use the service.

I never like to give anyone my credit card information, but it is a necessity. There is no way around it. This time it is worth the risk if there really is any. You have to give it to them. Whenever you call uber and agree to the charge amount, the fee is automatically charged to your account.

How to Use Uber

Step 1: Look for the Uber app in the App Store on your phone.

Step 2: Download the app to your smartphone.

Step 3: Open the app on your phone and fill in the requested information

Step 4: When you need a ride, open the app and request a ride, approve or do not approve the uber ride.

Step 5: Uber will use the GPS of your smartphone to arrive at your location.

More About Uber

You are in! The app is loaded on your smartphone. When you need to go anywhere, just click on the app and put in your destination. You will have an opportunity to cancel the ride if you do not agree to the price.

There are different prices you can choose from. If you choose the pool, you will share the car with other riders if any are found near you. The price is less but it will take longer for the car to get to you. And you will not have the car to yourself.

You may choose Uber Black. It is a more expensive version but still an Uber. The cost is more but you still get dropped off at your requested location. An even more luxurious and more expensive version is UberLux. Again the cost is more but the choice is yours.

Why I love Uber, And You Will Too!

  1. The company sends the driver that is closest to your location to pick you up. It is fast. How fast? Not faster than a speeding bullet but still fast. Often the driver is at your door before you get the front door locked.
  2. The fee is quite often cheaper than a taxi.
  3. The price is stated before you call the car. If you think it is too expensive, just cancel the request. You always know the cost. I do not have to be concerned if the driver is taking the longest way to my destination.
  4. All the drivers are rated so there is an incentive for them to be friendly, helpful, and professional. Their cars are in tip-top condition. In a hot locale, I have had drivers offer me a bottle of cold water!
  5. Getting to your location with Uber is often less expensive than paying for parking. And I do not have to drive around looking for a parking spot.
  6. Uber sends me the model and color of the car that will pick me up. It includes the driver’s name and often a picture of the driver. I feel safe.
  7. When getting ready to go on one of the best cruises for seniors, I just call an Uber and never worry about being late for my plane.

Where To Find Uber: Almost Anywhere!

Businesses, hotels, and airports often have certain locations for Uber drivers to pick you up. Ask at the front desk or concierge of a hotel and they will point you in the right direction.

At the Atlanta airport, you need to follow the signs to the uber pickup location. The directions are marked very well and any employee there will show you the way.

At the Las Vegas airport, the same thing applies. You have to walk across the walkway and go up one floor. Your driver may call or text you with the parking spot they are in. Again, the employees at the airport are glad to help you.

It is understandable why taxis do not like Uber. The Uber drivers are friendly and want to help. Their tips depend on your generosity. After you are dropped off, you have the opportunity to rate the driver as well as to leave a tip. There is no hassle in the operation at all. You give the tip after you are out of the car and there is no haggling or hassle. Worry-free.

Everyone should have the Uber app on their phone. You never know when you will need it!

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