The Villages, Florida

by R Long
July 13, 2017

The Villages, Walt Disney World for Seniors

Have you ever been to the happiest place on this earth?  For a senior, it definitely is The Villages in Florida.  There are 113,000 happy residents. The place feels like Disney World.  The streets are clean, well-lit, and most importantly, safe. If you can not find a club or activity that you prefer, you can start one. However, the specialties available are varied. It is guaranteed that out of 113,000 residents, someone else will have the same interests as you and be ready to join.


The weather is, well, Florida weather. I am told it rains as if you are in Camelot, only at night and it lasts for a mere 30 minutes. There is entertainment daily. The clubs meet weekly. The golf courses are open every day of the month.


The Villages Neighborhoods

Driving around the neighborhoods it is obvious that the residents enjoy The Villages. All of the yards are neat and trimmed and there is nothing out of place. It is a pleasure to visit. It is obvious that all of the residents are proud of their neighborhood.

Golf carts are seen everywhere. Some of the residents do actually use their carts for golf but I suspect most do not. If you do prefer golf you can play at a different golf course every week of the month. To date, there are 48 different golf courses at The Villages. If you are a beginner and just want to learn, they operate a golf instruction academy.

The golf carts are not ordinary. Some are “legal” to be driven on public roads and many are also solar. The Villages are indeed green. They are colorful and many have the names of the owners engraved on the outside of the cart. No one is scared to leave any of their personal belongings in their golf carts even when they are unattended and parked on the street. The community has tunnels under most roads and one overpass just for their numerous golf carts.

If you do not want to drive a car, then the trolley-style bus or shuttle is just or you. There is no excuse not to get involved in all community activities.

They have innumerable recreation centers. Some are adults only and some are for all ages. In addition to the recreation centers, they operate 11 parks, dog parks, and fitness trails. There is definitely something for everyone at The Villages.

There are 3 squares and every night entertainment is available in each of them.  Every evening Sumter Square is full of people dancing and laughing. Other residents are just sitting and enjoying the music. Do not get the impression that the Villages are only for the old. The residents include some children and young adults.

The square is surrounded by shops and restaurants. Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves. It is hard to be sad in such a joyful environment.

Hotels in The Villages

There are two hotels in The Villages. There are more in the area but only two inside The Villages.  The Waterfront Inn at Lake Sumter Landing is excellent. The hotel can rave about their friendly personnel because they are indeed friendly. They are correct about the great food and entertainment inside the hotel. The rooms are large and spacious. What the employees may not tell you is that the shower is great. According to Kramer on “Seinfield,” the shower head is definitely the Commando 450!

All seniors should visit The Villages. You may find the place you have been looking for. But if it is not for you, at least you can say you have seen what the hype is about.

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