Super Mario Cruiser – A Mega Voyager!

by R Long
February 16, 2023

What is the Super Mario Cruiser? Super Mario is not a cruise ship but a person. Mario Salcedo was nicknamed Super Mario by a ship captain. He is an American businessman that has been a long-term passenger on cruise ships. He has lived on Royal Caribbean International cruise ships since 1999. He takes a break of about 15 days a year which he spends on land, but not by desire! There was also a 15-month break during the covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021. 

Mario Salcedo’s Business Life

Mario Salcedo gained undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics and finance. He worked as an international finance director when working in Miami for a multinational corporation. 

Mario found himself traveling for work more than he lived at home. He accrued three million airline miles in frequent flyer programs because he had spent about 90% of his time traveling for work.  After he found himself suffering from occupational burnout he resigned from his job.

At the age of 47 Mario Salcedo decided that he wanted to travel on his own and he wanted to start his own business. Now Mario works from the cruise ship. He manages an online investment business and handles investments for 10 high-net-worth individuals. 

Super Mario Cruiser Documentary

The Happiest Guy in the World is a documentary made by Lance Oppenheim in 2018. It tells the story of Mario Salcedo’s living on cruise ships, for 19 years at that time.  

Living on a cruise ship can be suffocating for a lot of people. However, not for Mario Salcedo. He revels in the joy of living on a resort year-round. But then when we look deeper, we see how restrictive this lifestyle can be. He is always surrounded by other passengers and the ship’s crew. He cannot escape the ship whenever he feels like it, but to him, that is a small price to pay for his glamorous lifestyle.

He has seen all the ports and no longer leaves the ship for a shore excursion. He is completely satisfied with his lifestyle. He works some during the day but always leaves time for a dip in the pool.

How Did He Get the Name Super Mario Cruiser?

After Mario Salcedo spent more than nine thousand nights onboard Royal Caribbean ships, he was given the nickname Super Mario by the ship captain. It was a nickname that suited him and just stuck.

Is Super Mario Still Living on a Cruise Ship?

Mario Salcedo is always living on a cruise ship. Right now, he lives on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. He says he loves the cruise line and will stay on one of their cruise ships for as long as he can. When his current cruise is over, Super Mario Cruiser will just hop onto another one, never missing a beat, or even a day, unless it is unavoidable.


Salcedo is known for his unique personality and passion for cruising. He has gained a following among other cruisers and has become something of a celebrity in the cruising world. He is often seen wearing his signature red cap and cruising with his collection of stuffed animals.

Super Mario Cruiser has found the type of life that brings him the most joy. After working himself to the bone he decided that he wanted to live a different kind of life and see the world. 

It is always exciting when people find what brings them the most happiness in their lives. After all, he is the one that names himself The Happiest Guy in the World. We should all be so lucky!

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