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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship-Allure of the Seas

Our Royal Caribbean cruise was incredible. The cruise ship was HUGE. There was so much to do and to see. We went with all of our cousins. This was one of those times when our family came together just because. We will always fondly remember Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Everyone should vacation with family, at least once.

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Cruise Secrets

You have chosen your cruise but now do not want to get ripped off. It is hard to know all of the facts until you have experienced them yourself. Here are some cruise secrets that you may not know but can easily cost you. Don’t fall prey to the unexpected. Factor in the cost of necessary extras you may not know about.

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5 Best Cruises for Seniors

One of the perks of living as a retiree is the luxury of traveling. Even if you’ve yet to retire, wouldn’t it be nice to plan a cruise?

However, with the wide selection of cruises available, picking the right one can seem overwhelming and a bit taxing. You don’t want to book a trip that falls below your expectations.

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