Hang Clothes for a Garage Sale

by R Long
July 26, 2022

To Increase Your Revenue, The Best Display Is To Use Hangars

One of the best ways to increase your revenues is to hang clothes for a garage sale. In addition to hangars, you can use buckets or lay them on tables! This will help create a more organized and efficient garage sale. Additionally, it will also help make your goods more visible to potential customers.

The goal is to make money. To reach that goal you need people to stop at your garage sale. You will get fewer buyers if your goods are disheveled and not displayed in a fashion that says, “buy me, I am what you are looking for.” Make sure you hang clothes for a garage sale.

1. Start by using hangars to display clothing for your garage sale. This can help you save on space and make your items a lot more attractive.

2. Place a bucket or other large container on tables or on the ground and clearly identify what it contains. Your clothing items need to be organized so customers can easily find what they are looking for.

3. Prominently displaying the price on the garment or on the front of the bucket will encourage more shoppers to stay and browse your garage sale.

Neatest Display is the Best Display to Hang Clothes for a Garage Sale

Using a clothes rack is the easiest way to display and hang clothes for a garage sale. your hanging clothes. However, most of us do not have an extra clothes rack waiting for this one time we need it.

It is worth the investment in time and money to hang your clothes for a garage sale. Your garage items will be neater and thus more attractive.

hang clothes for a garage sale


It is time to get creative. You can find more ideas for displays on Pinterest.

  • Use a ladder as a clothes rack.
  • Make a clothes rack out of PVC pipe or old metal pipes. Chairs can be used as anchors for the ends.
  • Hang garments on a fence.
  • String a sturdy rope between two “anchors”. Good immovable objects to use are trees.
  • Use a chain instead of a rope.
  • Try a folding garment rack for hanging clothes.


Make sure that the bucket is large enough so that people can go thru the items easily. It is best to have the same type of clothes in one bucket. Use it for socks, pajamas, tights, bows, books, small toys, etc.


Delicate items and breakables should be displayed on a table. They need to be visible so prospective purchasers can see as well as touch them. This may make your heart stop when they casually pick up a favorite cup, but there is no other way to encourage browsers to buy.

Do not place that heirloom bowl on the table. You need to check that it is not more valuable than what the public will pay at a garage sale. But if it indeed is a valuable item, try an antique dealer before your garage sale to get an accurate estimate of its worth. Better yet, see if the antique dealer will buy it.

Conclusion-Two Important Facts

  • Hang clothes for a garage sale
  • Mark the price prominently on all items

No one wants to chase you down to find out the cost of an item, especially If you are busy. They may just leave as it may not be worth the trouble to search for you.

Whatever you think you will need, you should get twice as much. Shoppers may need bags to carry their purchases in. You can easily obtain them at the grocery store during your regular runs. Do not wait till just before your garage sale. Plan ahead and start saving bags months before the grand date. By storing them in empty Kleenex boxes they will not take up much space.

Masking tape can be used to put prices on your items. It will not leave a sticky mess on that skirt they want.

Have water and snacks available for purchase if it is a hot day. You may make as much from the extras you sell as from your garage item sales.

Be prepared for those “early birds”. You will have to be up early because they are. Prepare the day before the event so you do not have to decide on prices with your shoppers going through your buckets.

Get as much help as you can. It will be difficult to answer questions while you are watching your inventory, while you are collecting money, and all the while you are in a crowd (hopefully). Assume a group will constantly be at your doorstep. Prepare for all contingencies so your garage sale will not be too taxing on you.

Check out prices at other garage sales before you decide on the worth of your articles. No matter how sentimental you are about an object, no one else will feel that way. Be realistic. If it means that much to you, do not sell it.

You can have a profitable garage sale, but you must be organized and flexible. You paid for those items and others will also pay for them. However, definitely, not as much as you did. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing.

After you have had your garage sale, or perhaps even before it is held, it is a good idea to make sure your garage is as neat as possible. This guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing your Garage Space” is a great start.

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