Fun Shoes for Me and Shoes for You

by R Long
November 17, 2021

I love shoes. Especially fun shoes.

I just can not wear the ones I want. I used to wear stilettos every day. They looked good with both pants and dresses. My fun shoes made my heart sing.

Remember Carrie from Sex in the City. Boy, did she have beautiful stiletto shoes. When I was very young I loved them. Today I am a bit envious of those who can wear them with ease. Those are fun shoes that I used to be able to wear.

Today is a different story. I always feel like I am walking on a pencil. On top of that, I am not stable in those thin tall heels. The most I can possibly wear is 2-inch heels. I still make a stab at high heels but they just do not work anymore.

fun shoes

Many of those 2-inch heels have deserted me. I am not nearly as stable as I used to be. My Mom sported flats that laced up in dark colors and loved them. She had problems with her feet and rarely wore dress shoes. They were comfortable on her feet and now I understand the stability issues but come on, they were and are still “old lady” shoes.

It is hard to look great in a skirt with those ugly flats.

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury. Heels look good with jeans but skirts do not look good with those flat walking shoes so many of us think we are destined to wear.

Today there is no reason to be stuck in “old lady” shoes. I tried one of those no-frills shoe stores. You know the ones I mean. They have rows and rows of boxed sexy shoes. That is except for the ones that fit you. It is an exercise in futility.

dress with sneakers

A dress with fun heels would be well, so much fun. My problem is that I look dumpy in a breezy dress with my go-to orthopedic shoes. My hard-to-fit feet make every shoe except that orthopedic, old lady shoes painful for walking. What is a young at heart girl to do?

When I look in the mirror I see that 20-year-old, when I look at my shoes I see a frumpy looking senior. I am totally depressed about the problem of not finding fun shoes. I can wear a fun dress but there is no such thing as wearing a fun pair of shoes for more than 10 minutes.

Time For A Change

However, I am just not willing to give up comfort for shoes. I remember when I was told that looking good is reason enough. Not today. It is only worth looking good if my feet do not hurt. I know, no excuses! How many times have we heard that you must give up some comfort for beauty?

However, there are alternatives. Clarks shoes are attractive but still comfortable. Mephisto shoes are also comfortable, although a bit pricey. The Walking Company has great shoes that are comfortable and chic without skinny heels. Try Rockport shoes for great style and comfort. Allbirds is a brand that I have never tried. First time for everything! I have heard that Monroes are also a great brand.

Meet me at the shoe store and let’s give it a go. To others, we may appear to be older ladies going shoe shopping. But in our hearts, we are still in our 20s searching for that perfect pair of shoes.

This time I will find them.

Try some or all of our suggestions. Read more at  for all things seniors. Please email us at and let us know how this works for you. We will spread the word.

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