26th Annual World Congress- Anti Aging Conference

by R Long
February 16, 2019

Anything and everything you need to know about aging you can learn at the anti aging conference. The education was all-encompassing. The conference showcased information from aesthetic treatments and Y-lifts to body contouring and collagen enhancement and more information about the fast-mimicking diet and how it affects our aging and longevity.

Science of Anti Aging

Anti-aging is an evolving branch of medical science and should be important to everyone. After all, if the younger members of society are as lucky as we are, they too will become seniors. The aim is to alleviate age-related ailments. Everyone has aches and pains. We just want to keep them small and extend our healthy lifespan. Prevention is the key.

There are many different theories of aging. Some “experts” stipulate that aging begins at the cellular level but others insist that it begins at the molecular level. But no matter what theory was espoused, everyone agreed that seniors should put off the ravages of aging and it is not as difficult as you may think. Doing your best to keep your mind and body sharp is the first step. We all aspire to age well and now we have the tools.



A speaker at the anti-aging conference discussed “Fasting Regimes and Enhancing the Lifespan.” Another discussed Fasting and Your Metabolic Syndrome, then Inflammation and Immune Diseases, and followed with the Science and Application of A Fasting Mimicking Diet in Cardiovascular Health. This year many speakers reinforced the science behind this diet and how it can positively impact your life.

The consensus is that as we fast the cells in our bodies heal. Essentially fasting will challenge your body to engage in stress responses to increase your chances of survival. The mindset is that by reducing calories we increase our lifespan. Sounds crazy but that is what the scientists are touting.

Fasting leads to:

  • Increased cellular maintenance and protection
  • Increased activation of stress resistance pathways
  • Removal and replacement of damaged/dysfunctional cells
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Enhanced autophagy

at the anti aging conference Dr. Valter Longo spoke about the fasting-mimicking diet and its impact on longevity. Last year he introduced his book, “The Longevity Diet.” This year he expounded on its health benefits, both for your brain and for your body. If you have foggy brain it is worth the effort to try the diet. You should read get the free e-report the truth about fasting. You can purchase the diet food for your fast-mimicking diet. The recommended period is for 5 days during a month’s cycle.

heart in sand

Aging of the World

It is not news that each day 10,000 Americans turn 65. The baby boomers have reached the age of 65 and are retiring.  Globally the US is not the top country with the highest percentage of those who are 65 and over.

26.6% of Japan’s population in 2015 was above that age group. There are reports of aging Japanese citizens trying to be locked up in jail just so they will have a bed and a meal. Germany has the honor of having the second highest percentage of elderly, 21.5%. This is a worldwide problem.

The word problem is used loosely. If you are in that percentage you can rightly feel that you have worked your life and now should be able to enjoy the time you have left. The real problem comes when you are still here but your mind is out to lunch. Take all the time necessary to train your mind so that this will not be your personal problem.

In the next 3 decades, the population of the elderly is expected to double. Since humans now have a growing life expectancy, many will run out of money long before they run out of life. This aspect of aging is not often discussed but it is uppermost in everyone’s mind. It is difficult if not impossible to get employment when you have many years over others who are applying for the same jobs.

Healthcare models are not sustainable in the long term. We are all aware that contrary to what the politicians are telling us, healthcare will have to be rationed. But that problem is for another discussion.

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Your Brain Is The Key

At the anti aging conference, Dr. Thierry Hertighe talked about the “Potentials of Hormone Therapy to Reverse Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease”. This is a very important subject for all participants this year. A panel discussed Mental Health. Then on to a discussion of Mind Games, dietary approaches to Neuroinflammation, and Fatty Acid Interpretations.

Changes in memory that occur due to normal aging are not the same as the changes in memory due to Alzheimer’s disease. There are strategies and memory aids that can enhance memory in everyone. In addition, it is important to identify lifestyle changes that can improve and maintain memory. Of course, those modifications may not be the easiest to adhere to but if they make a difference in our lives, it is worth the effort.

It surprised most participants at the anti aging conference that studies have proven that the best way to maintain your memory is through social interaction. Diet and exercise are important but social interaction impacts your memory the most. You have to use most of your senses when interacting with anyone. You have to listen and react accordingly. After all, you do not know the response, and all responses are different.

Mind training is not out of reach. Dr. Amen has courses on mind training as well as suggestions as to how to keep your mind in tip-top shape. Supplements are an invaluable aid and worth the money. The problem arises in that everyone is different so what works best for one person may not work the best for another person. Often it takes trial and error. There you are thinking again and using your brain. A good workout!

anti-aging tools

The Tools

This year was the year of the “lights” at the anti aging conference. Red infrared lights were used for aesthetics. Yellow infrared lights were used for pain. Glasses that filtered out blue lights were used as a sleep aid. The mantra was that light changes your biology.

According to Dave Asprey not only is blue light bad for your eyes but it will slow down the mitochondria in your body and lower the quality of your sleep. Red light is better for you physically and mentally. It promotes brain upgrades, energizes cells, and slows down aging. With so much of our population on melatonin and sleeping pills, this is worth a try.

Infrared red lights were used to change the appearance of your skin. An infrared device shining on your skin for about 5 minutes noticeably changed the appearance of the skin. Supposedly it promoted the cells’ collagen production.

Compounding pharmacies were in abundance to test every part of your body and to prepare the correct nutrients that you need. Lotions were available to smooth your skin and promote healthy skin.


New News and Old News

One speaker at the anti aging conference dismissed the idea that cat’s claw was not good for your body. He insisted that it targets the brain and its “plaques and tangling for memory improvement”. Magnesium is also helpful in regard to the brain and its memory functions. I need all the help I can get!

TA65, a compound made from astragalus was touted as an aid to lengthen the length of your telomeres, thus expanding your life expectancy. It was definitely pricey. Vendors encouraged everyone to obtain their supplements and hormones to help in anti-aging. It was all overwhelming.

The biggest takeaway from the convention was that scientists and medical specialists all around the globe are researching ways to extend the human lifespan and the ability of our brains to stay healthy. Everything seems to affect our health, from the foods we eat to the vitamins and minerals we consume to the poisons in our daily diet from our foods. All have an impact. On top of that light plays an important role in our health. It should not be ignored but needs to be embraced.


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