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Hawaii-The Big Island

There is a disparity of weather on Hawaii, the Big Island. On the western part of the Big Island, the climate is hot and dry. It is desert-like with sand and lava fields. On the eastern shore, it is completely the opposite. The air is warm and humid. The tropical part of the island is beautiful and lush.

Kona International Airport

hawaii kona airport

Kona International Airport

The Kona International Airport at Keahole in Hawaii on the Big Island is an outdoor airport. The sitting areas and boarding areas are located outside of the buildings. The air is cool and the atmosphere is quiet.

Lava Fields

hawaii lava field

There are lava fields everywhere on the western side of the big island. It is hot hot hot.


hawaii volacno

Lava Flows can be seen from many places on the Big Island.  The locals tell you not to go too near a lava flow as they have been known to break off into the ocean. Many times during Hawaii’s past, the lava has come very close to civilization. The streams of lava have been known to burn down homes that have been in their path.

Fresh Fruit and Fish For All

hawaii mango sign

hawaii mango

There is an abundance of fresh fruit. Guava, papaya, and mango trees grow wild on the island.


fish in hawaii

The water surrounding the island is filled with fish and coral.  There are a few marinas where you can rent a boat and a captain. If you decide to go fishing from the shore, be sure to read the information from the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Sometimes it is easier just to let someone else catch the fish for you. A fish market will take your order and in a few hours have fresh fish waiting for you. Lemon trees are abundant on the island and for a garnish, you might just pick one.

Lush Landscape

hawaii 3778161661_7f963e62dd_z

hawaii flower

The eastern side of the Big Island is completely different from the western side. It is lush with flowers and growth everywhere. The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens are amazing. The aroma of the flowers is exhilarating. This is the Hawaii we have all read about.


hawaii beach

The beaches are clean and not crowded. They are considered to be among the best beaches in the Hawaii rock and waterworld. Most have white sand, blue water, and of course incredible views. Many of the beach waters are surrounded by reefs alive with fish and ocean flora. Snorkeling is exciting in those areas.

Other areas great for snorkeling are surrounded by the hardened lava fields of the islands. These beaches make the Big Island of Hawaii a favorite vacation spot for seniors as well as those of all ages.

The Ironman On The Big Island, Hawaii

123 (11)The Ironman Triathlon is held in October on the Big Island of Hawaii. Athletes from all over the world fly in with their bicycles to be a part of the Ironman Triathlon.Hawaii Triathlon

The triathlon begins and ends in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The cyclists have to ride thru the lava fields twice, once after leaving Kona and then when they return to begin the run part of the course. They will begin the morning by swimming in the bay and by nightfall complete the race close to where they began.

King Kamehameha

hawaii Ahu'ena Heiau

The warrior-king of the big island was born in 1758 and in the early 1800’s was named King Kamehameha (the Lonely One). His historic Kailua village is located in Kona on the Big Island. This is also where the famous Ironman Championship is held each October. King Kamehameha spent his final years in Ahuena Helau, a small temple built by him and located in the Lailua Village in Kona near the Kailua Village.

Captain Cook

Hawaii Captain Cook

Captain Cook, a great English Explorer visited the Big Island in 1779. The Captain and his crew were welcomed as gods during their first visit. However, after one of the crew died, the Hawaiians realized their mistake. Captain Cook returned to the island after a mishap at sea but was no longer welcome there and was murdered. A monument has been erected on the Big Island as a memorial to him.





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Comment from Alice:

If I didn’t live in San Diego, it might be tempting!


From Guide for Seniors:

Me too, however, I am waiting for the end of the year to prove it is worth the flight.  I can’t wait for the “coronovirus” to fade away as if it is a bad memory. I fear that may never happen!


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