The Incredible Titanic VS Cruise Ship

by R Long
December 30, 2022

April 1912 was an iconic month in maritime history with the launch of the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Titanic. The sinking of the Titanic is arguably one of the most famous maritime disasters in history. The news of the tragedy spread quickly and has remained in our collective consciousness ever since. So with this in mind, many people may ask themselves whether it’s still possible for a modern cruise ship to sink as the Titanic did. Let’s take a look at what we know about the Titanic vs cruise ships, including their safety protocols, and their sizes.  

Titanic vs cruise ships size comparison

The Titanic was 850 feet long, more than 90,000 tons, and capable of carrying 2,224 passengers and crew. By comparison, the world’s largest modern cruise ships dwarf it in size. Measuring over 1,100 feet from bow to stern, these Royal Caribbean vessels come in at a whopping 228,000 tons and can carry up to 6,035 people.

While these larger liners boast amenities such as bowling alleys, mini golf courses, and bumper cars on board, in addition to pools and restaurants across multiple decks – they cannot live up to the mystique that has made the Titanic such an iconic name over a century later.

The average size of a cruise ship today is 1,000 feet long. The Titanic was a bit smaller than an average-sized cruise ship. In its time it was considered to be an exceptionally large ship.

However, the discrepancy between Titanic and today’s modern ships is striking when it comes to width. While the Titanic only measured 92.5 feet wide, many current cruise ships are close to 120 feet wide. 

Take the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, for example – at an astounding 198 feet in width, it dwarfs Titanic by a massive margin of over double its size! Such immense advancements in size demonstrate just how far boat engineering has come since 1912.

Throughout the years, cruise ships have continued to grow in size. For example, when we take a look at the Titanic vs cruise ships, we can notice a drastic difference.

The Titanic was considered a mid-size ship as it held up to 2,435 passengers; however, that number is far from today’s census of large ships, which can hold up to 3,499 passengers, and those even bigger than that are classified as mega-ships! 

Nowadays, we have unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience in cruising, with many of the compartments surpassing any standards held by the 1912 ocean liner.

Ultimately, travelers today appreciate these newfound levels of detail and luxury onboard modern ships that far exceed anything that would have been possible during the heydey of the Titanic.

The Titanic wasn’t actually a cruise ship

Although the Titanic was technically an ocean liner and its primary purpose was to carry passengers between Europe and the US. White Star Line wanted to emphasize comfort and luxury. Thus when you compare the Titanic vs cruise ships, you understand that the Titanic was not considered a cruise ship

Ocean liners are set apart from other types of ships in that they have a specific purpose and function: to transport passengers across the ocean safely. They’re built for sturdiness, reliability, and comfort for those traveling aboard them. 

Ocean liners are also unique for their cargo-carrying capacities – some are even able to transport vehicles all the way across the ocean. It’s, therefore no surprise that many consider ocean liners to be essential vessels, ensuring safe and comfortable travel between distant shores.

Therefore, despite not being a cruise ship per se, the Titanic was designed with features more like today’s cruise ships than other vessels of its time. For this reason, owing to its design, the Titanic wasn’t strictly a cruise ship.

Was the Titanic the biggest ship in the world? 

Built by the White Star Line in 1909, it was the largest passenger vessel ever constructed, boasting almost 900 feet in length and weighing nearly 46,000 tons. It had 416 first-class cabins, 168 second-class cabins, and 99 separate third-class cabins – enough to accommodate up to 2223 passengers. 

This vast ship was also equipped with its own power station which made it one of the earliest vessels able to generate its own electricity on board. Its grandeur knew no bounds and ushered in a new era of luxury travel on the sea.

Today, when comparing Titanic vs cruise ships, you need to realize that today’s cruise ships reach sizes even larger than the Titanic due to advancements in technology and engineering. In fact, some of today’s behemoths can reach many times the size of the Titanic!

These modern ships come equipped with facilities and luxuries that far surpass anything available onboard the famous liner, making them capable of ferrying thousands of passengers across vast oceans whilst bringing an experience unlike any other.

How is the Titanic compared to a cruise ship?

Today’s largest passenger ship, Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, is a marvel to behold. At over 1,187  feet long and carrying 6,296 passengers, it absolutely dwarfs its predecessor, the Titanic. The Titanic was 882 feet long and could only carry 2,434 passengers in comparison.

Not only is Allure of the Seas bigger than the Titanic in terms of size and capacity, but it also offers facilities that would have been unimaginable to the passengers aboard the Titanic. This modern marvel can comfortably host 6,296 passengers over 16 passenger decks.

Even more amazing, its state-of-the-art amenities make sure there’s never a dull moment onboard. It has 23 swimming pools and waterslides, gigantic theatre shows and discos, along with an array of gourmet food options. This ship truly is bigger and better in every way than its predecessor had ever dreamed of being.

When comparing the Titanic vs cruise ships, you can see that cruise ships beat the Titanic in one other way, having never hit any icebergs. This brings us to our next topic. 

Safety measures on modern cruise ships 

Cruise ships today come equipped with many safety features that weren’t available to the Titanic in 1912, including lifeboats, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems. There are also many other measures taken to ensure passenger safety. 

For example, all doors must now be fire-resistant, and there are strict regulations regarding how much fuel can be stored onboard. Some modern vessels even feature escape slides that can be used if passengers need to abandon the ship.

Thus when you compare the Titanic vs cruise ships, it is obvious that cruise ships today have far better safety measures than those from over a century ago when the Titanic sank. While modern cruise ships can sink like the Titanic, it is improbable due to the number of safety protocols in place on every vessel operating today.

Impact of technology on passenger safety 

Technology has also had a major impact on how cruise ships operate and how safe they are for passengers. GPS tracking and radar technology help captains navigate more safely when inclement weather or other external factors present challenges during their voyage. 

Additionally, satellite communication allows them to stay connected with coast guards worldwide just in case help is needed while out at sea. 

Finally, computerized systems monitor engine performance and alert crew members as soon as any mechanical issues arise so that they can address them before they become serious problems. 

Traveling with Royal Caribbean 

Just like the Titanic was the pinnacle of luxury in its time, exploring the world with Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship is an amazing experience. This luxurious vessel offers not just grand accommodations and stunning sea views, but guests can also find adventure and fun with exclusive onboard activities. 

Highlights include zip lining over the Boardwalk, rock climbing on The Wall, surfing in the FlowRider wave simulator, or pampering yourself at Spa and Fitness Center.

Allure of the Seas offers something for everyone with an extensive range of dining venues that feature cuisines from around the world. The onboard concierge service also caters to every need allowing you to indulge in a luxurious getaway without worrying about the little details. 

From Central Park walks to sushi nights and beyond, there is no shortage of fun or relaxation available when you sail with Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Read more about our experience on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas.


It is hard to compare the Titanic vs cruise ships. The Titanic was an icon for its time, embodying the power and size of engineering miracles. It was by far the largest ship of its kind when it set sail in 1912.

Even today, the Titanic stands out as one of the longest seagoing passenger vessels ever constructed. Its sheer size amazed onlookers in Belfast Harbor during its launch ceremony, as many had never seen anything quite like it. 

The Titanic was a gargantuan presence when it set sail in 1912, billed as the largest passenger ship ever built. However, the ships of today eclipse it by quite a lot.

The world’s largest fully functioning vessel currently is Royal Caribbean’s ‘Harmony of the Seas, which weighs a staggering 227,000 tonnes – 33% more than the Titanic! While its shape isn’t as iconic and grandiose as the ill-fated liner, it is certainly an incredible feat of modern engineering. 

There are so many interesting facts about cruises and cruise lines. The titanic is one that many people know about. The 1997 movie “Titanic” reminded us of the fascinating life of a cruise ship.

However, there are more interesting facts that you need to search for to find. There is an individual nicknamed Super Mario Cruiser that has continually lived on a cruise ship since 1999.

You can find out information about a cruise director. For many passengers, he or she is the most important staff person on the ship. Carnival cruise lines list the cruise director on their cruises.

The cruise ship appears to be so huge, with passengers everywhere. But what about the crew? Read about crew areas to satisfy your curiosity about where the disappearing, yet, ever-present crew is.

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