6 Thrilling Themed Cruises

by R Long
February 08, 2023

What can be better than traveling on a luxury cruise? Taking a voyage on a themed cruise. These cruises combine the luxury of traveling on a cruise ship with elegant rooms, delicious food, and expansive pools with all the positives of a specific hobby or passion. 

When it comes to themed cruises, there are plenty of options available regarding the different themes, events, activities, and destinations. In this article, you’ll read about themed cruises and some themed cruises taking place in 2023.

Themed cruises for adults

A themed cruise is a single or multiple cruise trip focused on providing onboard entertainment or experiences centered around a particular hobby or passion. For example, some common themes could be a movie or TV series, health, and well-being, wildlife, music, a decade, etc. 

Even though cruise themes will vary, they will stick to the standard cruise format. The theme will affect the daily program, and extra themed-centered activities will be added to the daily itinerary along with the evening entertainment and the shore excursions. 

Regarding the types of cruises with themes, there are two important distinctions between full-ship theme cruises and partial-ship theme cruises. 

With a full-ship theme cruise, a group will charter an entire ship so all the passengers onboard will take part in the theme. 

In contrast a partial-ship theme cruise, a group will only book several cabins and will only use certain areas of the cruise, such as a conference room or a bar. 

Themed cruises in 2023

An 80’s Cruise

Those who miss the “edgy decade,” should book a voyage on the 80’s Cruise. This seven-day cruise lasts from March 3 to March 10, 2023. You must be 21 to board the ship for this cruise.

The experience

On board the ship, passengers will be able to enjoy more than 50 live performances that star Living Colour, Devo, Howard Jones, Morris Day and The Time, Kim Wilde, The Church, Bret Michaels, and many more. 

Each day on the cruise will be filled with events and activities centered especially for adults who love the 80s, such as Q&As with favorite artists, meets and greets, karaoke, friendly competitions, and parties that last all weekend. 

The destinations

Los Angeles

Puerto Vallarta

Caba San Lucas

Why you’ll love it

All this non-stop 80s party will take place on the luxurious Navigator of the Seas. This cruise ship boasts a relaxing spa, restaurants, bars, gambling casinos, lounges, and clubs. 

Star Trek: The Cruise VI 

From February 24, 2023, to March 3, 2023, Trekkies will be able to enjoy the supreme engaging Star Trek experience with a star-studded crew with fellow Trekkies on Star Trek: The Cruise VI. There are no “children” under the age of 13 allowed on this cruise.

The experience

During the seven-day and night cruise, Trekkies can enjoy Star Trek actors performing comedy shows and creating dramatic performances and concerts. The cruise also includes talks with experts, influencers, and leading scientists. There will also be screenings, competitions, themed parties, and interactive games.

The destinations

Los Angeles

Cabo San Lucas


Puerto Vallarta

Why you’ll love it

The Star Trek Cruise sails on the stunning Navigator of the Seas that’s fully charted so that passengers can immerse themselves in the Star Trek experience fully. They will also be able to watch nightly shows in the ship’s Main Theater, participate in small, interactive panels, and enjoy parties. The ship also boasts many clubs, lounges, restaurants, a pool deck, a spa, and a casino. 

The Beach Boys Cruise

For anyone who wants to experience good vibrations should take a voyage on the Beach Boys Cruise. The Club Kokomo Spirits will present the second specialty cruise, a five-night, The Beach Boys Good Vibrations cruise, from March 3 to March 8, 2023. 

The experience

During the cruise, Beach Boys fans can enjoy live concerts from dawn to dusk on several stages all over the ship. The live performances will take place on these stages, providing cozy environments and stunning ocean backdrops.

On top of all-day live performances, the Beach Boys cruise will have a specialized itinerary of Beach Boys-themed activities and events that offer ample opportunities to interact with some of your favorite musicians.

The destinations


Harvest Caye, Belize

Costa Maya, Mexico

Why you’ll love it

Aside from the onboard musical experiences, the cruise will provide passengers with opportunities to explore two tropical destinations while the ship is docked. They can relax on the idyllic beaches of Belize and swim in Costa Maya, Mexico.

2023 Monaco Grand Prix

Windstar Cruises offers a Rome & Prix du Monde of Monaco seven-day cruise that provides passengers with an experience of Monaco’s famed Prix du Monde of Monaco.

The experience

This elegant, seven-day cruise will make several stops in small ports, including Portofino, Portoferraio, and, of course, the famous cities of Monte Carlo and Rome. At each of these stops, passengers will be able to shop at some of the finest boutiques and stroll through exceptional promenades.

For Monte Carlo, there will be an overnight stop for passengers to enjoy private Windstar Prix du Monde events. Passengers will also enjoy two days of first-rate Formula One racing and time trials.

The destinations





Monte Carlo



Why you’ll love it

Each of Windstar’s yacht-style cruises will allow its passengers to experience the magic of the Monaco Grand Prix. Their cruise ships will also provide passengers with plenty of time, space, and freedom to fully enjoy both the voyage and the destinations.  

Passengers will get to enjoy Windstar’s world-class restaurants with delicious meals and the liner’s onboard barbecue. That’s all included in the fares. 

High Seas Rally

The High Seas Rally is a seven-day cruise where passionate riders from all over the globe can come together to share their passion for anything related to two-wheel motoring with fellow riders. The cruise departs on October 28, 2023, and returns on November 4, 2023. It will have a special feel for adults as you must be over the age of 21 to attend.

The experience

With this week-long cruise, passengers can knock multiple Caribbean ports off their travel bucket list while enjoying various theme-related activities. These activities will include custom build demos, theme nights, charitable causes, and plenty of auctions, games, and raffles. 

The cruise provides parties and theme nights that are guaranteed to please any crowd. Passengers always participate in these theme nights with their excellent gear and style, whether modest or just over-the-top. 

The High Seas Rally spent decades creating events to give passengers an amazing experience for a great cause. Their raffles, games, competitions, and auctions are part of the onboard fun experience. 

With the custom build demos, passengers can visit live motorcycle clinics to learn the history and some savvy know-how from industry experts. 

The destinations

Tampa Bay, Florida

Key West, Florida

Cozumel, Mexico 

Costa Maya, Mexico 

Why you’ll love it

The cruise boasts a tranquil spa, Vegas-style casino, pool deck, and more than a dozen restaurants and bars. In addition, the Royal Caribbean ship provides a nonstop ocean view from both inside and out. 

The ship also boasts 27 accessible staterooms in the Ocean View, Spacious Ocean View Balcony, Spacious Panoramic Ocean View, Junior Suite, and Promenade View Interior. 

Specialty Music Cruises

Whether it’s a love of blues, rock, or broadway musicals, music lovers can come together on one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s specialty music cruises. During these cruises, passengers can enjoy live entertainment while onboard one of the line’s luxurious ships. 

During one of the many music-themed cruises, passengers can enjoy specialty and complimentary dining options. The entertainment will also include live comedy shows, music, and even shows directly from Broadway. The ships also boast a diverse range of rooms that accommodate different types of passengers. 

Final thoughts on themed cruises

With themed cruises, passengers can take part in and experience a wide variety of events and activities related to their hobby or passion. They can have fun while traveling to idyllic destinations, including Mexican beaches and sunny Caribbean islands.

In addition to specialty-themed cruises, you can take a cruise on which you can snorkel in beautiful and clear waters. There is so much available, you just have to look for what you want and plan appropriately.

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