Cruises in Bad Weather – Is It A Fiasco?

by R Long
February 19, 2023

What Can You Do About Cruises in Bad Weather?

Bad weather does not necessarily affect the safety of the cruise or the passengers. Although some cruise ship activities are limited, there are many activities you can enjoy when you are stuck in rain on a cruise:

  • Indoor swimming pool, sauna, and spa: many cruise ships have indoor swimming pools and spas where you can relax and enjoy the water.
  • Fitness center: Most ships have a gym where you can do your workout routine or take a fitness class.
  • Entertainment: Ships have theaters, cinemas, and lounges where you can watch live performances, and movies or just enjoy some music.
  • Casino: Many ships have a casino on board where you can play games such as slot machines, blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette.
  • Shopping: Shopping on board a cruise ship can be a fun way to pass the time. Many ships have duty-free shops, boutiques, and jewelry stores.
  • Food and drink: Many ships have a variety of dining options including formal dining rooms, casual eateries, and specialty restaurants. You can enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the ship’s bars or lounges.
  • Board games and libraries: Many ships have a library or game room where you can borrow books, play games, or just relax.
  • Art galleries and museums: Some ships have art galleries and museums which showcase the works of famous artists and different cultures.
  • Virtual reality or escape rooms: Some ships are equipped with virtual reality or escape rooms where you can experience different types of adventures, scenarios, or games.
  • Gaming console or PC rooms: Some of the ships have dedicated rooms for gaming where you can play on consoles or PCs.
  • Attend a lecture or workshop on topics like cooking, photography, or art.

Keep in mind that the availability of these activities may vary depending on the ship you are on, so it’s a good idea to check with the cruise line or ship’s staff in advance.

Dealing With Seasickness During Cruises in Bad Weather: Tips and tricks.

cruises in bad weather seasick

Sea sickness can be a common problem for cruises in bad weather. Here are some steps you can take to try and prevent or alleviate any seasickness:

  • Take motion sickness medication before the cruise or as soon as you start feeling symptoms. Over-the-counter options include Meclizine and Dramamine.
  • Stay on the lower decks of the ship where the motion is less pronounced.
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon and avoid looking down at your feet or at the ship’s interior.
  • Try to get fresh air on deck, but avoid exposure to strong winds or spray.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they can make symptoms worse.
  • Avoid heavy meals, especially those high in fat or spicy.
  • Try to stay hydrated.
  • Try to keep your mind occupied by reading, playing games, or watching movies.
  • Try to sleep as much as possible and be relaxed while traveling.

What Can You Do If Your Itinerary Changes?

  • Check with the ship’s staff for updates on the itinerary changes. They will have the most up-to-date information and can answer any questions you have.
  • Review the new itinerary and make any necessary adjustments to your plans. You may need to rearrange shore excursions or dining reservations.
  • If you are unhappy with the changes to your itinerary, you can speak with the ship’s staff and they may be able to provide you with options to make your trip more enjoyable.
  • Take advantage of any alternative activities or events that are offered by the ship. Many ships will have a variety of activities, entertainment, and dining options to keep passengers occupied, as discussed above.
  • Be flexible and open-minded, the itinerary change is not in the control of the ship, and you may find that the new itinerary has some unexpected highlights.
  • If you have travel insurance, you can check to see if your itinerary change is covered and whether you are eligible for any compensation.
  • Remember that safety is the first priority and always follow the instructions of the ship’s crew.

It’s important to keep in mind that weather can be unpredictable and itinerary changes may be necessary for the safety of the ship and its passengers. It’s best to have a positive attitude and make the most of the situation.

Who Pays for Travel Changes?

bad weather payment
  • If the cruise line is forced to change the itinerary due to unforeseen weather conditions or other events beyond their control, the cruise line will generally not be responsible for covering any additional costs incurred by passengers.
  • Some travel insurance policies may cover additional expenses such as hotel accommodation or meals if an itinerary change occurs due to cruises in bad weather. It’s important to check your policy to see if you are covered and what the specific conditions are.
  • If the change in itinerary is due to a mechanical problem with the ship, the cruise line may be responsible for covering additional expenses.
  • If the itinerary change is due to a strike or political unrest in the destination, some travel insurance policies may cover additional expenses.
  • If the itinerary change is due to a decision of the cruise company, passengers may be entitled to compensation or reimbursement for additional expenses.
  • If the ship has to return to port or make an unscheduled stop due to a medical emergency, the cost of any additional accommodation and transportation will be the responsibility of the passenger or their insurance.

It’s important to check with the cruise line or the travel agent prior to your trip, to understand the company’s policy on itinerary changes and what kind of compensation or reimbursement you may be entitled to if you end up on a cruise in bad weather. If you have any doubts or questions, you can also check with your travel insurance provider to understand what coverage you have in case of itinerary changes.

Cruises In Bad Weather – Cruise Insurance

insurance cruises in bad weather

It is important to have travel insurance whenever you are traveling. Your personal health insurance will often not be accepted in a foreign country, The ships infirmary will definitely not accept your insurance so you may be out big bucks if something happens.

Allianz Insurance has many packages to choose from. Read your policy carefully to be sure you are getting the protection you need and want. It may be important to include travel delays and cancellations as well as payments for health services and emergency medical evacuation. You never know what will happen. It may be the best thing for you when you have to endure cruises in bad weather.

But the bottom line is that you, the passenger, are responsible for any additional costs. You can try to get the cruise line to pay, but don’t count on it! So check your insurance and be sure it covers all emergencies, just in case.

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