Free and Fabulous Cruise Ship Amenities

by R Long
February 07, 2022

Cruise Ship Amenities Included in Your Fare

Overall, a cruise offers a wealth of cruise ship amenities that are included in your fare, from your stateroom to the numerous dining and entertainment options. Whether you want to relax by the pool, enjoy a production show, or sing your heart out at karaoke, you’ll find something to suit your interests on a cruise. There are so many things to do on a cruise. You will have a hard time getting them all in. Some are included in your cruise fare and some are an extra cost.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to enjoy:

1. Your Stateroom

Your cabin is more than just a place to sleep – it’s a home away from home. Most staterooms include a flat-screen TV, in-room safe, individual climate control, a full bathroom, and storage space.

Some ships only have balcony rooms but on many, you can choose an inside room for a smaller fee. Don’t worry, all of the “amenities” on the ship are the same for everyone.

2. Housekeeping

cruise towel animal

On a cruise, you do not have to clean your own room or bathroom. When you take a peek after it has been tidied up, you will enjoy the sights the invisible housekeeping staff leaves behind. Kick back and enjoy. After all, it is your cruise.

3. Production Shows

Cruises are known for their spectacular production shows and entertainment, including comedians, live music, and other performances. They are an integral part of the cruise experience and another one of the cruise ship amenities. Many passengers look forward to the live performances and other entertainment offerings on the ship.

These shows and events are usually held in the ship’s theater or another large venue, and they can range from Broadway-style musicals and acrobatic performances to comedy shows and live music. Cruise lines have a talented team of performers and entertainers who put on spectacular shows that are sure to delight audiences of all ages. These shows may feature elaborate sets, costumes, and lighting, and they often incorporate themes or storylines that tie in with the ship’s itinerary or destination.

4. Lounges and Theaters

In addition to the main production shows, most cruise ships offer live music in the lounges and bars as well as trivia contests, game shows, and talent shows (featuring cruise passengers), to name a few.

They may also offer special events or activities, such as cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, or theme parties. Whether you’re looking for high-energy performances or more laid-back activities, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you on a cruise ship.

5. Fitness Center

cruise gym

If you want to stay active on your vacation, you’ll have access to a well-equipped fitness center on the ship. You can work out on a variety of cardio and strength-training equipment, and most ships also offer fitness classes like yoga or Pilates. There may be an additional charge for classes but for the gym, there is no charge.

If you want to stay active on your vacation, you’ll have access to a well-equipped fitness center on the ship. You can work out on a variety of cardio and strength-training equipment, and most ships also offer fitness classes like yoga or Pilates. There may be an additional charge for classes but for the gym, there is no charge.

6. Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas

Most cruise ships have one or more pools, hot tubs, and spas, so you can relax and unwind in the water. Some ships also have water slides and other fun features for kids.

7. Karaoke

If you love to sing, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in karaoke on the ship. You can show off your vocal skills and maybe even win a prize! Choose a song from the karaoke list and when it is your turn and enjoy!

8. Bingo

cruise ship amenities bingo

Bingo is a popular activity on many cruise ships, and it’s a fun way to pass the time while at sea. Bingo games are typically held in a dedicated bingo hall or another large venue on the ship, and they’re usually organized by the ship’s entertainment staff.

Everyone can play bingo. You will need to purchase a bingo card or cards. In case you did not know, the goal is to mark off the numbers on your card as they are called out by the bingo caller.

The first player to mark off all the numbers on their card in a predetermined pattern (such as a straight line, diagonal, or full card) wins the game.

Bingo games on a cruise ship are usually held several times a week, and they may be held at different times of the day to accommodate different schedules. Some ships offer bingo games for different age groups or offer different variations of the game, such as “speed bingo” or “blackout bingo.”

In addition to the traditional bingo games, some cruise ships also offer bingo-themed activities or events, such as trivia contests or special bingo-themed dinners. Overall, bingo is a fun and social activity that’s popular with many cruise passengers. Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or trying it out for the first time, you’re sure to have a great time, especially if you call Bingo first.

9. Dining Options

There are many dining options available on a cruise, including the main dining room, buffet restaurant, specialty dining venues, pool dining, and room service. You’ll have a variety of choices for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and late-night snacking. If you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt throughout the day. The food is just one of the cruise ship amenities that everyone enjoys. After all, your food is included in your cruise fare.

Some specialty restaurants are available for an additional fee. But make your reservations early as they fill up fast.

10. Beverages

cruise ship amenities drinks

You’ll have access to a variety of beverages in the main dining room and all day, every day in the buffet restaurant, including non-bottled water, lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, and non-specialty coffee and tea.

You’ll also be able to purchase other beverages, like cocktails, carbonated beverages, or your special drink. Some cruise packages also include these as well as alcoholic beverages with the cruise.

11. Baggage Allowances

There are none on a cruise so take as many bags as you want. The porters will make sure your luggage gets to your room after the ship leaves the port. When it is time to depart, the same thing occurs but in the opposite order. Just leave your bags outside your room the night before and they will magically appear in the cruise port as you disembark.

12. Port Lectures

These lectures are a great way to learn more about the ports you’ll be visiting on your cruise. They are usually conducted by the ship’s staff or local experts and provide a wealth of information about the history, culture, and attractions of each port.

During a port lecture, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the must-see sights and activities in each port, as well as any cultural or historical highlights. You’ll also receive tips on how to get around, what to expect in terms of weather and local customs, and where to find the best shopping, dining, and entertainment.

13. Orientation Lectures

These lectures are similar to port lectures, but they cover a wider range of topics related to your cruise experience. They usually include information about the ship itself, such as its layout, amenities, and safety procedures. You will also learn about the various onboard activities and entertainment options, as well as any excursions or shore tours that are available.

Lectures are usually held in the ship’s theater or another large venue. Some may be recorded and rebroadcast on the ship’s TV channel, so you can watch them at your convenience if you’re unable to attend in person.

14. Art Auctions

cruise art gallery

A common feature on many cruises is an art auction. They offer passengers the opportunity to browse and purchase original works of art from a variety of artists. These auctions are usually held in a dedicated art gallery or another large venue on the ship, and they are typically organized by the ship’s art auctioneer or a third-party art dealer.

During an art auction, passengers can view and bid on a variety of works, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other types of art. The auctions feature original pieces by well-known artists or lesser-known or emerging artists. In some cases, passengers may be able to preview the art online or in a catalog before the auction, so they can get a sense of what will be available.

The auctions are usually held several times during the voyage, and they may be held at different times of the day. Some auctions may have a theme, such as a specific type of art or artist, or they may focus on a particular region or style of art. Even if you decide not to purchase any art, the champagne is free!

15. Speciality Activities

Depending on the cruise you book, cooking classes and other art-related activities, such as painting classes or lectures by art experts may be offered. These activities are usually included in your cruise fare, so you can enjoy them at no extra cost.

16. Casino

cruise casino things to do

Due to laws in many locations, cruise ship casinos are usually open when the ship is not in port and is in international waters. They offer a range of games, including slot machines, table games such as craps, blackjack, and poker, and sometimes even sports betting.

The casino may offer tournaments for those casino games. One advantage of casinos on a cruise ship is that they can be enjoyed as part of a vacation package, providing a convenient and enjoyable form of entertainment while at sea. Additionally, the casinos on cruise ships are often regulated by the cruise line and are required to follow strict rules and regulations to ensure fair play.

There are some downsides to casinos on a cruise ship, however. One potential drawback is that the games may have higher house edges than those found at land-based casinos, meaning that the odds of winning may be slightly lower. Overall, casinos on a cruise ship can be a fun and enjoyable way to pass the time while at sea.

A Word About Cruise Ship Amenities

Beware, all cruise ship amenities are not included in every cruise. Naturally, you must buy your own casino chips. Some specialty restaurants are not included in your fare and require an additional fee. Liquor may or may not be included, it just depends on the chosen cruise.

Usually, tips for the crew are not included in your fare. Tips are given for good service and on a cruise ship it is also expected. Some passengers may consider them outrageous but tipping is not considered to be an amenity for the passengers.

Be particular about which cruise you choose. It may ruin your fun if you do not drink and know you are essentially paying for everyone’s drinks. Cruises are always transparent and open about what is or is not included in the fare. Find your favorite package and enjoy!

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