11 Cruise Message Boards and Forums

by R Long
December 15, 2022

Inside Information and Online Resources

A cruise message board gives you the “inside information” on a particular cruise. Well, not really. There is no secret to the boards. You just have to look for them to find them.

You should check them out regardless of where you book your cruise. The same information is relevant for every passenger whether the cruise was booked through Costco or through any other cruise booking site.

Most message boards are not sponsored by a particular cruise line. They are for everyone who loves to cruise and to travel. Join the fun and you will hear the good and the bad.

Cruise Addicts Message Board

Cruise Critic Community

Flyer Talk Forum

Fodor’s Travel Talk

Luxury Cruise Talk

Lonely Planet Travelers Facebook Group

Trip Advisor Forums

Bolsover Cruise Forum


This cruise board is a travel agency in the United Kingdom. They tout that they have the largest cruise board in the UK. Well, maybe or maybe not, but we should all expand our horizons to include across the pond so it is worth taking a peek.

Disney Cruise Line Forum

For all cruises Disney!

Royal Caribbean Board

You know this one is Royal Caribbean only. After all, they sponsor it!

The App “Shipmate”

In addition to the message boards, you should definitely download the app shipmate. It is sponsored by cruiseline.com and includes cruise lines from Carnival to Virgin Voyages. The app is loaded with information about the different ships, reviews, itineraries, cabins, and so much more. It is a must-have for your next cruise. The “ship tracking” will be helpful to your family and friends who may still be home!

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