Cruise Gym for a Fitness Fanatic

by R Long
February 07, 2023

Looking to stay active on your cruise? If a cruise gym is important to you, you’re in luck if you are on a newer or big cruise ship. Check before you book, to be sure!

Will My Cruise Have A Gym?

Most cruise ships have a gym on board that is free for passengers to use. It is just one of the many things to do on a cruise ship. These fitness centers are typically part of the spa complex and offer a variety of equipment for your workout needs, such as treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, cardio machines, resistance training machines, free weights, and mats.

Most gyms offer extras such as water coolers and towels. Individual TVs are on each cardio machine to help make your workout more enjoyable. The newer ships have a fitness center on an upper deck with fantastic water views.

An older ship or one that has not been renovated lately may have the fitness center on a lower floor of the cruise ship. This is not necessarily an unacceptable alternative. After all, you come to a cruise gym to work off some of the calories in the offered desserts. However, a panoramic view and state-of-the-art exercise machines do make the time go by faster.

And if you’re interested in group fitness classes, many cruise ships offer a selection of classes such as yoga, Pilates, spinning, and more. So don’t worry about missing your daily workout routine while you’re out at sea – the gym on your cruise ship has got you covered!

The ships that may not have a complete cruise gym are those that are smaller as well as river cruises and expedition cruises. Although they may have a few pieces of gym equipment, don’t expect a full gym. The newer and larger the ship, the more likely it is to have more high-tech options.

Cruise Gym Equipment

The newer cruise ships often have a plethora of equipment. More than you can use in a day. You can find treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and resistance training machines as well as free weights.

Most gyms provide locker rooms, steam rooms, towels, and water. It may vary by cruise line but the expected amenities are usually provided.

Will My Cruise Gym Have Fitness Classes?

Cruise ship fitness class1

On cruise ships, there are often various group fitness classes that can be attended for a fee. These classes could include stretching, yoga, Pilates, spinning, or other group cycling options as well as Kinesis, Zumba, TRX suspension training, and Tour de Spin. It is recommended to sign up in advance as class sizes may be limited.

A certified personal trainer may also be available to help passengers design a workout plan or to provide guidance and instruction.

Other Gym Conveniences

Most of the newer and larger ships have all the amenities that you would expect in a gym. They offer the use of personal lockers, robes, towels, bathrooms, and showers along with shampoo and body wash. Usually, they employ a masseuse and the locker rooms generally have steam rooms or saunas which are available at no extra fee. However, a massage will often incur an added fee.

Best Time To Use The Gym

The fitness center is usually busiest in the mornings on sea days. Fewer cruisers tend to work out before and during meal times. Since you can choose to eat later or earlier, arrange to work out during a slow period at the gym. The gym is not open every day 24 hours a day so take that into consideration when you plan your workouts.

Many times the cruise ship will offer alternative fitness options. Some have rock climbing walls. ping pong tables, running tracks, and maybe even a volleyball or basketball court. You can still count the cruise dance lessons as a great exercise as well. Availability of these options varies by cruise ship.

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