Cruise Director – A Demanding Position

by R Long
February 17, 2023

Carnival Cruise Lines offer a combination of great value, quality experiences, and lodging as well as fun for the whole family. It carries far more passengers than any other cruise line.  The cruise director on every cruise is always a charismatic individual that helps the cruise line be labeled as the most popular cruise line in the world. You know you will enjoy everything it has to offer.

Passengers can partake in an abundant variety of activities and experiences onboard and on stops along the way. The line is constantly upgrading and adding more activities to their rosters each year, keeping the magic of new experiences, for all to enjoy, alive. Some of these experiences include onboard dining, constant entertainment, and thrilling activities that get the adrenaline pumping. 

Carnival Cruise Lines can carry over 700,000 passengers. These cruises have become increasingly popular due to their budget-friendly nature and family-orientated amenities and programs onboard.  

What is a Cruise Director?

A cruise director is a person in charge of and responsible for passengers’ entertainment and activities while onboard. As a prominent member of the crew, he or she makes all announcements, introduces the entertainment onboard the ship, oversees the activity itinerary, and also is in charge of all the behind-the-scenes duties related to passengers’ well-being and security. 

The staff of a cruise director will vary depending on the size of the vessel. On larger ships, there are usually several assistants and deputy cruise directors, each with their staff.  A great director is mindful of the passengers, knowledgeable about the entertainment, and has to be well-organized.

He or she is the voice of the ship, making announcements daily on the public address intercom. To the passengers, he is the face of the cruise. He is at every large event and is the middleman between the passengers and the cruise line. He must always ensure that the passengers are well looked after, whilst still performing his managerial duties as well as being calm in the face of potential adversities that could take place.   

A good cruise director has the ability to capture the attention and imagination of the audience and keep them engaged throughout the voyage with energy, enthusiasm, and charisma. He must be skilled in public speaking, entertaining, and organizing events, and have a knack for making everyone feel welcome and included. A “captivating” individual has the power to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all passengers on the cruise. He or she is an integral part of every cruise.

Carnival Cruise Director Salary and Days Off

A cruise director who works on the carnival line can earn an estimated total salary of about $93,000 annually. This figure represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges of salaries typically earned by those in that position. Salaries can vary greatly, dependent on the specific carnival cruise director’s education, qualifications, job experience, additional skills, and how long they have been working for the cruise line. 

Remember, the Carnival cruise director lives on the ship with the rest of the crew and staff at no additional cost. However, you may look at this as a plus or minus. It is not the easiest life to live, especially as they have no days off when the cruise is sailing.

They have to work every day during their contract and have only a few hours to do as they please in between their shifts. When they are not needed by the cruise ship and are not on duty, they have some time for themselves but those days are a rarity. Generally, they work an average of 16 hours a day and their contract usually lasts for 6 months at a time.  

Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise Director Schedule

The director begins his duties first thing in the morning. As the guests go ashore for their daily activities, he greets them and ensures their continued well-being. He takes care of any last-minute activity bookings and additional changes to guests’ itineraries. 

There are constant meetings, usually with the cruise hotel manager, to finalize programs for the day. Then he may meet with the entertainment manager to review the previous day of work and organize upcoming events. He goes over the schedule of the entire staff and organizes every last detail to ensure smooth sailing for the daily program. 

After the ship set sail, it is his responsibility to present the onboard program for the rest of the day and introduce the staff that will be relevant to that day’s proceedings. After the last event of the evening, the cruise director will probably review the next day’s activities to prepare for the next day. 

You can check out who is going to be the cruise director on a Carnival cruise. It does make a difference and many times passengers book a cruise just because of who will be the cruise director on that cruise.


A carnival cruise director’s work is crucial to ensuring the cruise’s success and guests’ well-being. The work is hard and long. To most cruise directors the work is worth the rewards. They get to travel on a cruise ship and sail the world, well at least sail to that ship’s destinations.   

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