Exceptional Chartered Cruises

by R Long
February 10, 2023

What Does it Mean When a Cruise is Chartered?

When a cruise is chartered, it means that the entire ship or a portion of it has been rented out for exclusive use by a private group, such as a company, organization, or family.

This group has control over the itinerary, amenities, and activities on board and can customize the cruise to their specific needs and preferences. The ship operates solely for the chartered group during the duration of the charter when the group has chartered the entire ship.

Is a Themed Cruise a Chartered Cruise?

A themed cruise can be a chartered cruise, but not all themed cruises are chartered cruises. In some cases, a themed cruise may be a regular cruise with a specific theme or focus, open to any passengers who wish to book a cabin. In these cases, the theme is integrated into the cruise experience, but the cruise is not chartered by a private group.

On the other hand, a chartered cruise for a themed cruise is when a private group or organization charters the entire ship or a portion of it for exclusive use, and the theme is central to the cruise experience. Themed chartered cruises are often used for special events, such as corporate retreats, music festivals, or fan conventions.

If the entire ship is chartered, the cruise ship operates solely for the theme event or group during the duration of the charter. The theme, itinerary, amenities, and activities on board are tailored to the theme event and the chartered group has control over these aspects of the cruise.

Themed cruises can be a unique and exclusive way to enjoy a cruise, and they often attract a specific type of passenger, such as fans of a particular music genre, pop culture franchise, or hobby.

Does it Matter to a Passenger if a Cruise is Chartered?

It can matter to a passenger if a cruise is chartered, as chartered cruises may have different dynamics and experiences compared to regular cruises. Some passengers may prefer the exclusivity and customization offered by a chartered cruise, while others may prefer the variety and social aspects of a regular cruise.

Ultimately, whether or not a chartered cruise is a good fit for a passenger depends on their individual preferences and travel style. It is important to carefully consider the details of a chartered cruise before booking, including the terms of the charter and any potential impact on the overall cruise experience.

It may affect those not included in the charter group as the experience may be less diverse, with a limited number of activities and social opportunities available. In some cases, the chartered group may also have exclusive use of certain areas or amenities on the ship, limiting access for other passengers.

The problem arises if a portion of your chosen cruise ship is chartered. You will have no control over this and may not even know about it till you are on the cruise. However, all cruise lines want their passengers to be happy and comfortable.

They will do all they can to keep that portion of the cruise that is chartered from disrupting the other passengers. You will still be able to enjoy the food and amenities on board your ship.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship?

The cost to charter a Royal Caribbean cruise ship can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including the size of the ship, the duration of the charter, the time of year, the itinerary, and the type of group chartering the ship (e.g. a corporate group, a wedding party, etc.).

The total price is mind-blowing. However, if the whole ship is chartered and then filled to capacity, the price is more reasonable. Check out Royal Caribbean Ship Charters as a starting point if you want to charter one of their ships.

You must make plans far in advance because if your desired ship is already listed by Royal Caribbean for a specific cruise, the ship may not be available. Many individuals plan their cruises years in advance.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Carnival Cruise Ship?

The cost to charter a Carnival cruise ship can be similar to the cost to charter a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Again, the price depends on different chosen items including the size of the ship, ship class, time of year, if the whole ship or just a number of rooms are to be chartered.

Carnival Cruise Line does not publicly list its charter rates, but interested parties can contact the company directly to obtain a quote. In general, chartered cruises tend to be more expensive than booking individual cabins on a regular cruise, due to the exclusivity and customization offered by a chartered cruise.

The place to start is on the Carnival website. From there you will need to decide if you want to charter the entire ship or just a portion of it.

Wedding Cruises Anyone?

A cruise ship wedding can provide a unique and memorable experience for the bride and groom as well as their guests. It can be a great option for destination weddings or for those looking for a romantic and scenic setting.

The cost of a wedding cruise charter can vary greatly depending on the factors listed above as well as the type of wedding package offered by the cruise line.

Having a wedding on a cruise can be done in many different ways:

  • Charter the entire ship
  • Charter a portion of the ship
  • Purchase a wedding package and let your guests book their cruises separately.

How to Book a Charter Cruise

To book a charter cruise, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine your group size: Establish the number of people who will be in your group, as this will determine the size of the ship you need to charter.
  2. Consider your budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend on the charter and keep in mind that chartered cruises are typically more expensive than booking individual cabins on a regular cruise.
  3. Choose a cruise line: Research different cruise lines and select the one that best fits your needs and budget.
  4. Contact the cruise line: Contact the cruise line to inquire about availability and to obtain a quote for the charter.
  5. Plan the itinerary: Work with the cruise line to plan the itinerary, taking into consideration the group’s interests, budget, and desired destinations.
  6. Book the charter: Once you have agreed on the details and received a quote, you can book the charter by paying a deposit and signing a contract.
  7. Finalize the details: Work with the cruise line to finalize the details of the charter, such as menu options, entertainment, and activities, as well as any additional services you may require.

Again, it’s important to start the process early as charter cruises are often booked well in advance, and to carefully review the contract and all details before finalizing the booking. Good planning will assure you have taken care of all the details.

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