How to Use a Selfie Stick – It is so Easy!

by R Long
November 03, 2016

Selfie Stick!

How to Use a Selfie Stick (Transcript)

Hi, I’m Rochelle Long, I’m part of, “The Senior Couple,” for the “Guide for Seniors,” but the better half isn’t here today, so I’ve asked my son, Jason, to help us. We are going to talk about how to use a selfie stick. I have one here, and I’m going to give it to Jason and ask him to show you how it works as I discuss it. Many of them open in several different ways. This one is like a telescope, so, you pull it out, you twist it, and it holds steady. You’re going to want to put your camera at the end of it. Jason’s going to show you how to attach your camera … well, not your camera, your phone, which is a camera.

 Attach Your Phone to Your Selfie Stick

He is now pulling out the attachment, and putting the phone on the selfie stick. A selfie stick is important, you don’t want to just hold your hand out holding the camera to take a picture. You can put your phone on the selfie stick and it is so much easier. I’m going to show you how to do it. Put your camera, or your phone, on the selfie stick and then turn your camera on. There’s usually a button on the phone/camera to turn the camera around so it is taking a picture from the front lens rather than the back lens. you can see how the camera is facing me, but, on a selfie stick, when we take a selfie, that is, hit the button on the camera, and you turn the camera around. Now, we’re facing in. Jason’s facing in towards him, but I’m facing in towards [inaudible 00:01:20].

 Take the Pictureselfie-stick

Turn the camera on, take the picture, and you have a selfie. Now, it’s also going to work really, really well if you want to take a picture of your children or grandchildren. Say, you’re in a crowd. Your kids are up in front and you are in the back. Use the selfie stick, and turn the camera around so it is using the back lens. The picture’s not facing you, it’s facing the outside. My kids are out there on the street. I’m going to place my stick way up high, and I’m going to get a picture of my grandchildren. Of course, for me, this is my son who’s doing it right now.

Oh, and you’re on a selfie stick right now.

This is Rochelle Long, part of, “The Senior Couple.” Please, check us out at, Thank you. Goodbye.

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