How Dirty Are Your Nuts?

by R Long
December 20, 2016

Dirty Nuts

I’m Rochelle, part of the senior couple. My better half is holding the camera. I want to show you today how dirty are your nuts and how to clean them. No, not those nuts, these nuts.

Wash Your Nuts

I purchased these from the store, and I’m going to put them in these two bowls directly from the package. I’m going to take one bowl and put it in my salad spinner, which is very handy. I’m going to wash the nuts in it with some water and a little soap. I use soap because it cleans them better.

How Dirty Are Your Nuts?

You don’t know it, but your nuts really are filthy. You think they’re clean, but they’re not. I’m washing them in the water. Now, I’m going to take the first rinse of dirty water and put it in this cup so you can see how absolutely filthy your water really is. Here is some fresh water, so you can see the difference. It is amazing how dirty your nuts are.

Keep Rinsing

I’m going to rinse it again to rinse off the soap and to keep cleaning the nuts. I’m going to do it a third time, because these are really, really dirty. To get the excess water out, I’m going to use my salad spinner. I don’t know if you can see the difference between clean nuts and dirty nuts, but I’m going to hold them in my hand. Maybe you’ll be able to see them a little bit better. The ones in this hand are clean, and these are dirty.

Enjoy Your Clean Nuts

You really have no idea how dirty your nuts are. I would recommend that you also wash your raisins and, especially lettuce. E. coli may be on your lettuce as well as on other fruits and vegetables. Lettuce, in a package from the grocery store, is packaged in the field when picked. The heads of lettuce are not washed. They are taken directly from the field, put in plastic, and shipped to a store.

At any rate, this is how we clean our nuts. This is the dirty water compared to the clean water one more time.

Thank you very much.

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