Wordle is Great!!!

by R Long
October 07, 2022

Wordle and Josh Wardle

Josh Wardle invented the game wordle. His girlfriend loved word games and he invented the game for her.

They played the game with their friends and family. Then in October 2021, they introduced it to the world.

It quickly became a sensation and the New York Times purchased it on January 31, 2022. It took less than 3 months for the game to go ”viral”! If you play it, you will see the appeal.

What is Wordle?

The game Wordle is played on a grid. There are 6 lines containing 5 cells on each line for letters. You have 6 chances to guess a 5-letter word.

After you choose your first word on line one, the letters on the chosen word will change colors on the grid. 

If the block containing a letter of your chosen word turns yellow, it means that the letter is in the word but not in that particular spot. If that block turns green, it means that the letter is in the word and also in that particular spot. However, if the block remains gray, oops, the letter is not to be found in the word.

A great clue is that the letters on the keyboard shown on your screen will change colors also. Thus you know not to choose the same letters in your second guess. This helps you to deduce the correct word. 

Your first chosen word is just a guess. However, it needs to be a common word. The better the guess (and it only is a guess), then some of the blocks will change color. 

You get 6 chances to deduce the word. Each guess gets you closer to the final answer. 

How to Win Wordle

The first way is simply to be lucky. However, there are some strategies to help you win.


On your first attempt to choose a word, use a word that has a lot of the most commonly used letters in it.

A five-letter word with distinct and commonly used letters will help your word-guessing and problem-solving skills. But remember, it must be a word and not just thrown together letters.

There are certain letters that are the most popular in words. That makes sense because most everyday words contain the same letters.

It is a given that each word has to have a vowel. Some constants are used more rarely than others. Since the answer is a common word, you can assume that uncommon letters will not show up too often.

The letter E appears most frequently in words. Following E, the letters A, R, I, O, T, and N are frequent. More words start with the letter S than any other letter so using that letter is also helpful.

Thus, a great option for the first guess should be a word that uses most of the frequent letters. Good words are ratio, rates, riots, tires, arise, etc. 

This does not mean that these words are the final word. They may be clues that will help you find the last wordle. Frankly, I would rather be lucky than good any day.

Why is Wordle so Popular?


The game is popular because, well, it is fun. Not only that but everyone and anyone can find the word. You can use social media to announce your streaks. Complete the puzzle and at the same time compete with family and friends. Many groups email their scores to other members and the winner gets bragging rights!

Wordle is the same for everyone, so no one has an advantage over anyone else. There are no words that have special spelling from one country to another. Thus, a word with a different spelling in England than in the United States will not be used. 

Common words are used in the game. Nothing that you or I would not know or recognize. You get immediate feedback on whether your guess is right or wrong. 

The New York Times puts out a new game each day. You cannot play it on their site for hours on end. You get one chance per day to play. That way it does not take up too much of your day.

Six guesses and you are done. Are you going to be the first to guess the word today?

NT times-wordle

Who Decides the Words?

Jonathan Knight is the head of games for the New York Times. According to Mr. Knight, they have a wordlist and the answers for the next few years have already been chosen.

Although he is the Head of Games, even he does not know the sequence of answers for the puzzle. Mr. Knight plays the game just like we do to figure out the answer.

If any word comes out of favor with the public, the New York Times reserves the right to take that word off their list. You can not argue with that. After all, they bought the rights to the game. Also, how would you know the word has been changed when you did not know the answer to begin with?

Wordle Word for Today

Sorry, no hints for today’s wordle word. Head over to the NY Times and give it a try. Only you will know if you guess the word in six tries. If you get lucky, announce it to the world. If not, then wait for tomorrow and give it another try. Soon you, too, will be hooked on the daily wordle.

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