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by R Long
July 24, 2022

Puzzles for Adults

puzzle scrabble

A tip for anti-aging is to try adult brain puzzles. It takes work to get your brain in shape just like it takes work to keep your body in shape. It is so important as our well-being depends not only on our physical shape but our mental shape. Finding the right word to use is often frustrating. It is on the tip of our tongues!

In a study performed at John Hopkins, it was shown that if adults practiced memory strategies, problem-solving strategies, or visual attention skills, they would reap benefits, even years later.  We can not afford not to train our brains. Practice, practice, practice.

Adult brain puzzles can fit the bill. We can all use some extra help in our chase for anti-aging. Exercising with colorful puzzles stimulates all of our senses. Just what we need! Your brain will be exercised as you enjoy the exercise. It does not feel like exercise but it is a brain twister. Everyone should try adult brain puzzles.  

Brain Teasers

Per Wikipedia: “A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind.”

Brain teasers are fun and easy. You will enjoy all of them. They challenge your brain. However, every day they will become easier. That is because your brain is working to learn new skills. Your brain has to exercise just like the rest of your body.

It is almost like learning the piano. As you practice you get better and better. As your brain practices, it gets better and better. You do not realize how these puzzles are helping you in your daily life. It will become easier and easier to stay sharp and fight brain decline. 

Brain Twister

A brain twister is just another type of adult brain puzzle. They all help to keep you in tip-top condition. A great site to discover new and varied puzzles is

Another great site is luminosity. In addition, the site Puzzle Master has so many to choose from. You can choose a puzzle with 500 pieces. That is a lot of moving parts and it will take a while to complete. Just set up space just for the puzzle and finish it a little at a time. The final result will be rewarding.

The goal is to increase your perceptual and learning skills. It is hard to believe that puzzles can achieve so much. However, they tune your brain and help you to visualize and recognize different aspects that you may have lost. By using your motor skills as you are using your brain. you are teaching your brain to look and observe. You will not even realize the fact that you are forcing yourself to see things from a different perspective. 

Increasing hand-eye coordination is also significant. This will improve concentration and focus. We could all use a little help. By using these puzzles you do not even realize how hard your brain is working.

The colors are vibrant and the exercises are fun. These specific adult brain puzzles force us to use more and more of our brain cells. Each puzzle comes with instructions on the best way to get the most out of each session.

Remember the game of concentration we all used to play? Turn over a card and try to find the match. Eventually, we saw all of the pieces of the puzzle and then just matched them up. It helped your memory when you were a child and now it is time to help your memory as a senior.

Time To Get Started!

Who would have figured that doing fun adult brain puzzles would exercise your brain and increase your brain activity in your struggle for anti-aging? A creativity and brain fitness program can only help. Seniors find the puzzles exciting as it engages their mind.

Alli Berman from Puzzle Art says it better than we can: “The brain fitness game will help you live younger, longer, and stronger through creativity.”

It does not matter when you begin practicing adult brain puzzles. The important thing is that you do begin it. It is never too late! Start early or start now. We all want our brains to be working at the best possible level.

Check Senior Online Games for more games. Best of all, some are free! 

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