Spring Is For Planting Seeds

You do not have to go somewhere to enjoy doing something different in your life. Senior travel is great but sometimes it feels good just to stay home and sleep in your own bed.

Here Is Just One Idea

Start a garden. That’s right. Start a garden. Purchase a few spring seeds at your local hardware store. It should cost about a buck and a half.

If it is cold outside, purchase a Jiffy 42mm Professional Greenhouse 25-Plant Starter Kit. You only need to water, plant and watch. It is exciting to see new seeds come out of the soil.  You may end up with nothing but the adventure is worth your time. If it is warm outside and spring, make sure to get spring seeds that can be started in the ground. Just throw the seeds on some loose soil, cover as per the directions on the envelope, water and wait. You did not waste much time or money if nothing happens.

seeds in containers

Spring Seeds

spring seed packets

We started these seeds in February indoors. Last year I splurged and bought a bottom heating pad (specifically for seeds, a regular heating pad is dangerous to use for seedlings). I am absolutely amazed at how much they have grown. I kept the clear cover on the container till the spring seeds germinated and grew tall enough to touch the top of the “greenhouse”. They have slowed down growing as I took them off the heat. I keep telling those spring seeds that they will be ready too soon. Slow down.

After they have grown a bit they were replanted in single containers. Don’t plant outside till the threat of frost is over. It is hard to wait as both they and I are ready for the outside. It is a warm sunny spring day. But do not be fooled. Cold weather is still a reality. It would be a shame to lose them now.

A good choice for spring seeds are cucumbers, squash, zucchini, peppers and of course tomatoes. Vegetables that are prolific and easy to take care of is the best bet. Just plant and water. A bit of fertilizer later in the growing season will not hurt either.

onions in ground

Plant something outside but choose carefully. I planted onions in February.  They are still small but they are upright so I know the roots are growing.

Garlic growing

To show how smart I am, I purchased some garlic at Earth Fare. I peeled and planted. Then I took the time to read directions on the internet. The correct method is to separate the cloves and then plant, no peeling. Oops! Back to Earth Fare for more garlic. Guess what, both the peeled and unpeeled garlic are coming up. Goes to show what they know.

The fact is, just plant something, anything! Spring is a new beginning. Any new growth is a pleasure to watch. If I get to eat what I am growing, even better.

A Small Project

This small project takes only a few moments of your time and it may bring some joy in the spring. If nothing grows, then spend another buck and a half and start over with more spring seeds. You have wasted nothing but perhaps enlightened a small part of a day in your life.