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Human Growth Hormone-HGH-A Double Edged Sword

Is treatment with Human Growth Hormone the key to eternal youth? Is it more than a muscle building hormone? Can HGH really help your sex life? The side-effects must be taken into consideration prior to any treatment. Before making a decision as to whether HGH is for you, consider all the alternatives with an open mind and lots of research.

How To Choose A Doctor

It is such a difficult choice. It is such an important choice. I want my doctor to be the best. I want my doctor to understand me. I want my doctor to make my experience the best it can be. With MedRev I know that they can hear me and hopefully, they are really listening. I hope!

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I Am An Armchair Athlete

I just do not enjoy exercising. Sure I like to ride my bike but just get out there and exercise. Not for me. I like the lazy fitness method much more. Call me an armchair athlete.

Taking Magnesium with Melatonin

Magnesium helps to relax your muscles. Melatonin helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycles. You get twice the sleep aid by taking both. Both are is important, the mineral, magnesium, and the hormone, melatonin. Your body craves both and your sleep depends upon them.