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We are The Guide For Seniors!

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Our vision is to be the premier travel guide for seniors.

We strive to present opportunities for seniors to make every day more adventuresome.

We want every senior to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

It is through our constant attentiveness to the needs and wants of seniors that we earn and maintain their confidence. We are passionate about helping them attain their goals. By providing informative posts and enlightening information we want to help them realize their dreams for themselves and their families.

We are also seniors so we understand the struggles seniors can experience in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Every day offers so many choices. Choices that we may or may not understand or like. We want every senior to join us in our endeavor to learn about and enjoy all that life after 50 has to offer.

Our hope is that every experience turns into exceptional as we travel through life. The only constant we have is that tomorrow will be different from today. We need to make the most of our time on this earth.


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Our Team

Our team of knowledgeable experts and authors endeavor to provide information relevant to all seniors.

Rochelle Long

Founder, Guide For Seniors

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Being a senior herself, Rochelle understands the challenges seniors face every day. She is passionate about traveling. She embraces every opportunity that is available and wants to help others in finding exciting adventures throughout their lives.​ 

She has committed herself to educating seniors on how to enjoy what life has to offer and to stay young at heart.

Thad Long, MD

Physician and Contributor

Thad Long

Dr. Long has always been captivated by history and enjoys seeing places where historical events occurred.  He is always looking for ways to enhance his life experiences.

He is excited with the prospect of combining his training in the medical field with his passion for travel and education.

Lee Gardens


lee gardens

Lee has an active Pinterest account in which she shares her passion for travel, matcha tea, healthy cooking, and all things senior. She is a travel enthusiast with a goal of visiting every country in the world.

She lives near her daughter and 3 of her 5 grandchildren. It is her pleasure to have her children and their children constantly in her life.