Mini Face Lift or Y-Lift

Perception is reality. Most seniors are in a fight to combat aging. They want to look younger and be perceived as vibrant and attractive? Our society values appearance more than age or competence. The search for a youthful appearance is an obsession in our culture.

Women and men will take advantage of any reasonable method to gain an advantage. For professional as well as personal development, appearance does make a difference. A mini face-lift or a Y-lift may be what is needed.

Even centuries ago youth was considered magical. The conquistadors of Spain tried to find the” Fountain of Youth.” In our time medical science has made great strides in anti-aging. 

Leading anti-aging scientists have made discoveries that markedly slow aging. However, their revelations are not ready for use by the general population. We could wait for a long time for their recent discoveries to be made available. However, the mini face-lift or the Y-lift is available now.

Looking Your Best

We are all aware of botox injections that are used to reduce wrinkles. There are injectable fillers to flatten sagging skin and increase the tissue volume beneath the skin. 

Who has not seen friends or co-workers appear younger or more attractive overnight with these procedures? What do they know about anti-aging that we do not? 

 Our obsession with the “right” appearance is evidenced by the multi-billion dollar industry of cosmetics and facial treatments. Every man or woman wants to project their most vibrant and attractive appearance at all times. Humanity has always favored the concept of being “the most attractive we can be.”

What do you do if facial cosmetics, botox, and injectable facial fillers are not producing the desired result?

You may be frightened to have a surgical face-lift. Surgery requires general anesthesia and a long rehabilitation period. Few patients anticipate the immediate post-surgical neck discomfort as well as facial and neck swelling.

The feeling of tightness around the neck may be moderate to severe. The difficulty of swallowing may be much worse than expected. Unanticipated postoperative discomfort may last from 3 -6 weeks after surgery.

It will improve with time but the mid part of the cheeks and ears will remain “numb” for 6 months to a year. The facial and neck bruising and swelling may not allow you to resume a normal work schedule for at least 2 weeks.

A Mini Face Lift

A mini face-lift is an alternative to the surgical face-lift. The Y-lift is minimally invasive and requires no general anesthesia. It can be performed during a 30-minute office visit. Your face is injected with fillers of either hyaluronic acid or a permanent filler. This procedure is the Y-lift.

The procedure is performed by more than 100 physicians in the US. The injections consist of a small amount (usually less than a teaspoon) of hyaluronic acid facial filler on each side of the face just below the upper level of the cheek bones. The substance is injected deep into the soft tissues and produces a lifting of the facial features.

Although a mini face-lift produces a less dramatic effect than a surgical face-lift,

patients do not need to worry about month-long recoveries or extreme post-surgery pain and swelling. The Y-lift is also much less expensive. A surgical face-lift may cost from $ 7,000 to $20,000 depending upon where it is performed. Prices are much more expensive in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other high costs of living areas.

This mini face-lift or Y-lift usually costs between  $1,500 and $5,000, again depending on where it is performed. A surgical face-lift may only last for 3-10 years. If there is a lot of neck scarring from the surgery, there may be no opportunity for a redo. The Y-lift may last from 1-3 years but can be repeated as many times as necessary. “Touch-ups” from the Y-lift are not unusual.

A Y-Lift May Be the Answer

For those seeking facial resculpturing in their fight for anti-aging without surgery, the Y-lift may be what you are looking for. Facial cosmetics and botox injections may not be enough to give you the final look you want. Facial surgery may not be an option due to the high cost and misgivings about surgery. The Y-lift is a viable option you may not have thought about.

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