5 Reasons Seniors Should Keep Up with Tech

5 Reasons Seniors Should Keep Up with Tech

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In recent years, a growing number of older adults are going online. They are joining social networking sites, playing online games, or just surfing the web to research certain topics. That explains why many technology manufacturers and developers are coming up with senior friendly technology gadgets to cater to that demographic group.

Reasons for the Digital Divide

Yet, some members of the older population are still a bit hesitant to embrace modern technology into their daily lives. Possible reasons for the gap between seniors and technology are:

  • Physical difficulty in learning new technologies
  • Skeptic mindset regarding the benefits of technology
  • Mindset that they’re “too old” for technology
  • Lack of assistance or support

keep up with techFinding Confidence in Technology

Seniors who have begun adopting technology into their lives have realized its importance. The Pew Research Center has determined that two-thirds of Americans have smartphones and another two-thirds have broadband.  In the same study, it was determined that 56% of adults in the US have both smartphones and broadband. Those are the individuals who continually pursue learning.

There are many benefits to continually learning new ideas.  The rewards to learners are great.  84% say that these activities make them feel more capable and that they feel better adjusted than they did prior to their activities. 69% admit that now they have new perspectives on life, they make more friends easier, and they feel more connected to their community and their acquaintances.

Here are 5 reasons to keep up with technology:

picture f a car1.  Technology fosters independent living among seniors.

Two main reasons that make independent living difficult for some seniors are poor adherence in taking medications and safety concerns due to their reduced mobility. Hence, their health and safety may be put on the line. New technology, however, is set to defy that.

Using remote health-monitoring systems such as the MediSafe Project. It is a medication management solution that enables caregivers to monitor and manage their patient’s health at a remote setting. Patients will be reminded to take their medication via notification from their smartphone.  If the patient fails to confirm that they’ve taken their pills, notification will then be sent to the caregiver.

Over the recent years, numerous other health gadgets and apps have been developed. These allow older adults to monitor and manage their health such as medication reminders, heartbeat tracker, and even an app that can automatically request a prescription refill. Here are some easy-to-use health apps which we highly healthappsrecommend you take advantage of.

Seniors may also try out advanced health gadgets such as fall detection devices, smart watches. They feature step counting and single-push call-for-help button as well as a medication reminder cap that glows when it’s time for medication.

Moreover, gadgets such as house-cleaning robots or smart appliances that can be automatically turned off make living alone much easier and more comfortable for seniors.

Indeed, technology builds confidence in seniors for them to live independently. This creates confidence in their family to help delay moving their parents into a senior care facility.

picture of legs of several people2.  Technology connects family and friends with one another.

Communication has never been easier due to the technology we have today. Mostly, it’s thanks to the Internet! Send messages instantly through instant messaging. Call family and friends (wherever they are) for free and see them face-to-face over Skype or FaceTime. Connect with long lost friends or relatives on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Share photos and videos of your loved ones in real timefacebook icon. There is no doubt that technology plays a key role in bridging the facetime-768x432communication gap, continuing family ties, and strengthening bonds.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, keeping in touch is one of the most fascinating aspects of modern technology.

row of books3.  Technology keeps you engaged and entertained.

The Internet is your modern day theater and playground. You can stream movies on your computer. A subscription to Netflix will grant you access to their media library. They have thousands of movies and television shows available. Other movies and TV show subscription services include Amazon Instant VideoHulu, and iTunes.

The Internet also offers a plethora of online games. AARP online games, for instance, are designed to boost memory and enhance cognitive skills among seniors.

Gaming consoles have also come a long way. Gaming systems such as the Xbox Kinect and Wii can get your body moving. Not only a great way to keep yourself entertained, but they can prove to be an easy workoutx-box. Other gaming systems include the Microsoft’s Xbox  and Sony’s PlayStation. As much as the younger generation loves them, seniors can get a lot out of these entertainment gadgets as well.

happy faces4.  Technology helps older adults stay informed.

Adults can stay in the know about what’s happening across the country and around the world. You can get current event news from internet news networks. You may also subscribe to the Kindle for versions of your favorite newspapers or magazines. You can download ebooks from Kindle and get access to your own library that can store as much as 3,500 books.kindle

Staying informed especially about certain health conditions is just as important. WebMD and the Mayo Health Clinice online are rich resources of health and medical information. You can look up any kind of medical condition and learn about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and all relevant information. You may also download the WebMD mobile app so you can stay informed wherever and whenever the need arises.

computer5.  Technology enhances your productivity.

There are many productivity apps that can help seniors stay organized and productive. For instance, Evernote is a productivity app that works as an amazing file cabinet. It helps keep mental clutter at bay since it organizes everything for you.

Many seniors are unfamiliar with all the technology, internet, apps and gadgets. Everything can be learned. In fact, there are some sites that help seniors learn basic computer internet skills. SeniorNet also offers computer classes and helps with technology gadgets and all things connected with the internet. Seniors can also continue their education online by taking online classes from architecture and design to engineering and website design – all this can be accomplished in your own home.

Technology is here not to ruin our lives nor to make our lives more complicated. In fact, it’s the other way around. Technology can help us become more informed so we can make better, sound decisions. Seniors must embrace it. Keeping up with tech is fun and easy. Just get started!

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