Your Face Surgery

Your Face Surgery

 Your Face Surgery and Recovery

You have made the decision and will have your face surgery. You have considered all of your reasons carefully and now it is time to visit a surgeon. Everyone often only hears what they want to hear so listen carefully.

Different Points Of  View Depending on the Person Hearing It

It will make a big difference with your face surgery if you listen to your surgeon. The problem is that what you hear and what your significant other hears from the surgeon are probably two different things.

Surgeon: “In about two weeks you will be presentable.”
You: In two weeks I will look like the after pictures I was shown.
Significant Other: In two weeks you will still be bruised and swollen but can go out in public with a lot of makeup.

Surgeon: “In about a month your face will be healed.”
You: In about a month I will be ready for the prom.
Significant Other: In about a month there will still be scars but you be healing nicely.

Surgeon: “For some patients, it takes a year to complete the healing process.”
You: I am not some patient and I heal well. I will be fine after 2 weeks.
Significant Other: You will take at least a year to see the final results.

Surgeon: “Here are some prescriptions to get filled. Just in case.”
You: It should be an easy process.
Significant Other: You are going to need all of the pain medication you can get.

Surgeon: “I will see you the day after surgery to take the bandages off.”
You: It will be a short trip just to see the surgeon and then smooth sailing.
Significant Other: That first visit is just the beginning.

Surgeon: “The stitches will come out about a week after surgery.”
You: No big deal. Just a few stitches around my ears.
Significant Other: Stitches! I hope it heals well.

Surgeon: “Some patients will get a numbness in their cheeks but it goes away quickly.”
You: No problem. I can handle a few weeks of a little numbness.
Significant Other: We can plan for a year of numbness.

Surgeon: “I had a patient yesterday who came for a followup and just after surgery looked great.”
You: That will be me.
Significant Other: So how long after surgery was this?

Surgeon: “Some patients feel a bit of discomfort around their neck where the skin is pulled tight.”
You: I will get used to it.
Significant Other: This sounds bad. She hates anything tight around her neck.

Surgeon, as he takes off the bandages: “You can shower today as long as you are careful around the stitches.”
You: No way I am getting in the shower, I want to go back to bed.
Significant Other: How long is she going to stay in bed, It has been days. I am getting hungry!


After Your Facelift: 13 Tips for Recovery

The recovery after your facelift differs for different individuals. Every person is different and some may do well while others may have a much more difficult time of recovery. You can overcome all obstacles. It takes patience and, well, pain medication. Is it worth it? Depends on who you ask and when they are asked the question.

Tip 1: Plan in advance. Go to the grocery store. Get stocked up. Purchase things that are easy to chew. Gets lots of liquids for you to drink. Buy straws.

Tip 2: Take care of all personal business that may come up the week after surgery. You probably will not feel like taking care of anything.

Tip 3: Have your significant other go with you to all of the discussions with your surgeon. They need to be as prepared as you are. Their job is less painful but still exceedingly necessary.

Tip 4: Go ahead and have your surgeon remove any other moles or blemishes on your face. They will be the least of your worries but you always wanted them removed. Now is the time.

Tip 5: Have a comfortable sleeping environment. Elevate your head for quite a few days after surgery. Your face will be swollen so sleep with your head up! A recliner is a good choice for at least the first 3 days. You may want to place it in the bedroom so your significant other will be there with you.

Tip 6: Let your significant other help to clean the stitches as needed. The last thing you need is to get an infection because the stitches were not cleaned properly.

Tip 7: Antibiotic creme and hydrocortisone creme will soothe your neck where it may be chaffed. Have some handy.

Tip 8: Plan on being in pain and if you are not, then all the better.

Tip 9: Have some advil and advil pm handy. It may work as well as the pain prescription you have filled and less harsh on your bowels. To swallow the pills more easily, grind them up and drink in a liquid.

Tip 10: Brush your teeth often, it will help your throat to heal if the tube irritated it.

Tip 11: Don’t plan on using your glasses for a few days. They do not fit well over the bandages.

Tip 11: A heating pad will go along way to help your feet stay warm as you are laying in your chair.

Tip 12: A scarf looks good draped around your head to cover the stitches.

Tip 13: Don’t get discouraged. Keep the final outcome in mind. It just takes time.


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