We Are Not Alone

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March 09, 2017

Illustration by Stuart Rankin

“This picture shows the Sun and the ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 to scale. The faint star has only 11% of the diameter of the sun and is much redder in color.”

““The system has been revealed through observations from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and the ground-based TRAPPIST (TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope) telescope, as well as other ground-based observatories. The system was named for the TRAPPIST telescope.”

Recent Discovery of Trappist Star and Its Planets

NASA has recently released headlines of the discovery of Trappist, a dim small star in the constellation Aquarius. The discovery includes seven planets approximately 40 light-years from the earth. The findings of these earth-like planets are not new. NASA has found thousands of planets both close and distant to earth. We know that our galaxy probably contains millions of planets. The probability of life on at least one of these planets is highly likely. They could be an advanced or a primitive race. Finding out we may not be alone is not terrifying.

Concept drawing of planet around the Trappist star from IIP Photo Archive

Humans in Space? Terrifying for All Species

If you apply mathematics to the probability of alien life, the likelihood of other species in this universe is almost certain. This raises the question of why there has been no contact. We can suppose that the main reason is that the human race is a very savage race. People are unable to contain their emotions and greed. Can you imagine other species in space dealing with humans? About 10% of the human population do not have a conscious. This group of people would certainly try to gain wealth and power by any means. They would try to subjugate any less technologically advanced species. However, the greatest problem is probably due to the conflicts among the people who inhabit our planet. Those not native to our planet would certainly want to avoid our warring species.

credit: NASAJPL-Caltech

What Does this Discovery Have To Do With Us?

With the recent discovery of the new small sun, Trappist-1, and it’s 7 planets, some individuals have a brilliant supposition. “Nasa has found where the little ‘Grays’ originate”. For the past 70 -80 years we have heard have thousands of stories about this species. No hard evidence of their existence is present but numerous reliable people have said they have been abducted or visited.

NASA and the NSA somehow knew that this planet was 40 light years away. The direction of aliens leaving earth may have given NASA a general location for discovery of Trappist. The located sun is a very small dim star the size of Jupiter. The definitive findings of seven earth-like planets in the vastness of our galaxy were not expected. At least 3 of these planets are suspected to be in the livable zone.

How Do The Findings Correlate?

The alien “Gray” species are said to be about of 3 to 4 feet tall with very large eyes, thick leathery skin, and thin extremities. Their planet of origin must be smaller than earth and with less gravity. Due to their very large eyes, it is logical that their home planet would be dimly lit. Their thick leathery skin leads one to believe that water is also less available on their planet or they are of reptilian origin. No scientist is saying that we have found their planet of origin.

Are They A Threat?

If their home planet is around Trappist, we are not at risk. No one knows their agenda. I suspect they are more advanced explorers who find us amusing and of low intelligence. Their intelligence quota is likely outside our ability to communicate intelligently. We are likely 500 -1000 years behind their technology. However, this species is not perfect. Alien craft crashes are likely due to technology or personal error. They may be simply studying us. The distance of 40 light years to that planet does not support a physical invasion. The supply lines would be too long. They would more likely perform slow mind control of the population or hybrid breeding. I doubt that war is their goal since this may destroy the earth.

Are There Any Other Species?

If there are other alien species, then many are likely within our eventual reach in the future. According to ancient texts, numerous species have visited the earth in the past 500,000  years. Probably none of those species are here today and their cultures may no longer exist. Can you imagine humans surviving as a species for 500,000 more years? We will be lucky to survive as a species for more than 100 years due to nuclear arsenals and possible earth ending asteroids.

Artist’s Impression Credit: NASA, ESA, and G. Bacon (STScI)

What Does All This Mean?

NASA may have answered the question of the possible planet of origin of theses aliens. The star, Trappist, as well as the planetary system, is very distant with at least  40 years of flight at light speed to arrive. A space probe may visit many years in the future. I am not concerned. If aliens wanted our planet, they would have already taken it. Do not concern yourself. I am not.

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