Unfair Advantage

by R Long
February 12, 2021


My better half is working hard to master the concepts taught in his master’s program. So what do the other master’s program students do? Complain, complain, complain. They constantly complain about his unfair advantage.

What are they going to do? Easy they all know the ropes. Complain to the dean’s office. So what does the dean’s office do? They apologize to my better half as they tell him about the complaints stipulating that he asks too many questions. He agrees to not ask many questions. It is incredulous. Our “adult” college students are merely children.

They said he asked too many questions. Never mind that class participation is part of the grade. Notwithstanding that, there were things he wanted to know about the material. But nooooo. The other students did not like that he asked so many questions.

unfair advantage

Unfair Advantage

Does it stop there? Oh, no. Now they are complaining that he has an unfair advantage. It is simply due to his age and experience. I wonder what he is supposed to do about that. He can not agree to give back his years and experience. Now that would be an interesting idea!

We are, or rather he is, dealing with babies. Have they not learned that life is not fair? I think we all realized that fact by kindergarten. After all, it is not what you know but who you know that helps you in life. Have they not learned that nothing comes easy?

If someone is asking too many questions, open your mouth and also ask questions, that is if you can think of anything relevant to ask about. If someone does indeed have an unfair advantage, figure out how you can get one as well. They may not be able to match his experience but surely they can think of something.


Here are a few suggestions for the adults acting like children around us:

Join a club for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the area. These clubs are always open to accepting new members. They know the value of experience as well as new ideas and want to hear yours.

Learn more about your subject than anyone else by, heaven forbid, studying. This is a toughie for those who regularly go out partying and then stay up too late to make it to class.

Go to meetups and learn what they are willing to impart. Find others who have the same interests as you. You may even learn something from them.

Develop relationships with those you meet. Everyone you meet is not a good candidate for becoming a mentor. Pick and choose carefully.

Have a discussion with the professor about the subject. He or she is willing to talk to interested students.

Learn how to become more organized to do more in less time. Some of us are born with this attribute while many more of us have to develop it.

Use the brains you were born with and commit to stop being lazy. This is up you.

Figure out what the professor wants and stay on top of that information. It can not be too hard to figure this one out. I have known many students who have made it their semester goal to meet someone who had the class in the past and learn from them.

Peruse the last semester’s tests. They are out there so get busy and find them.

Do the most important thing first and if you have time, do the minutia. Just do it. Might you spend your time more efficiently gleaning knowledge that will not only increase your grade but help you in your future endeavors?

Foster a willingness to listen. The world is littered with those who are busy thinking of what they are going to say next. They do not hear or understand what anyone is trying to tell them. Don’t be a part of that segment of the population. If you can listen better and learn that skill, you will uncover insights that others can’t hear.

Get online and search because resources are so readily available today. You can find study information, old tests, answers to quizzes and homework, information about the professor, and so much more. Find it and use it.

ears music

Do Not Accept All You Hear

I know people who do not blindly accept anything and everything their professor says. They probe their professors and ask questions. These are the students you can learn a lot from. They are admired for the way in which they grasp the concepts, correlate to their own thoughts and experiences, and ask queries, standing in an audience without an ounce of shyness.

It’s always a pleasurable experience to attend such classes, in which the topics under discussion are approached from every possible angle. Asking questions for the sake of asking might be trivial but asking questions that provoke the mind to think is something not so common. I am sure these children just can not or are not willing to learn how to ask the right questions.

Voltaire has aptly said, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

We have all been there. We had to play the game with the hand we were given. However, that never stopped us from the hard work necessary to get what we wanted. I do not know about you but I never would have thought about complaining to get my way.

Even if I had thought about it, I never would have actually done it. I would have been the laughingstock of the school. The professors would have reiterated that story over and over.

Come on kids, get with the program and work for what you want.

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