Thinning hair is not necessarily healthy hair.

It definitely is not thick hair.

However, as we grow older it is a problem most of us face.

Here are a few ideas, some are old wives’ tales and some are relevant and may help you in your quest to get thick hair and keep hair healthy.

 1. Aloe Vera

aloe-veraYes, you heard me correctly, aloe vera. The plant that you have sitting on your window sill. It will help in your journey to grow thick hair.
First, let me tell you why aloe vera might be a great idea to help if your hair is thinning. We have always heard that this plant will help to alleviate the pains from a burn.
This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties that the plant possesses. But did you know that it also contains proteolytic enzymes that will help to heal as well as repair the damaged cells in your scalp, thus helping you to grow thicker hair? It helps your scalp as well as your hair follicles.
The anti-fungal and antiviral properties of the plant will treat dandruff and flaking that you may have. The proteins, vitamins, and minerals that it contains will nourish your hair and your hair follicles. You can scoop out the substance from the actual plant and then apply on your hair, leaving it in overnight. Or, for the easy way, buy a product that has aloe vera in it.

onions2. Onions

If you are adventuresome, or if you do not object to the odor of onions, blend a few and then squeeze out the juice. Apply it to your scalp and then wash after 15 minutes. An easier method would be just to eat the onions.
Onions are good for you. The juice applied to your scalp may help your senior hair grow. It is worth a try. However, do not be disappointed after only one treatment. It takes time for any treatment to work.
Now let me tell you why you should consider eating the onions as well. Onions are a great source for sulfur compounds and antioxidant flavonoids, such as quercetin, which protects our cells against damage. They help both inside and outside our bodies. The chromium that onion contains will help increase the action of insulin and thereby may help to control blood sugar levels, thus aiding in the prevention of heart disease.

 3. Rosemary Oil   

rosemaryIt is unknown if rosemary oil will work for everyone but if you are one of the fortunate few, then this is for you. You will not know if it works till you try it. Studies have shown that the herb can help to reverse some forms of hair loss so you can grow thicker hair. It definitely will not help after chemotherapy but if you have natural hair loss, perhaps due to age, give it a go.
Add some drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo and then lather up. Another method would be to purchase shampoo made out of rosemary. It takes the guesswork out of how much to apply. If you are serious about rosemary and your thinning hair put a few drops on your scalp at night and wash out in the morning.

 4. Scalp Massages   

dog's headNow, this is a fun one, especially if you can get someone else to do the work. Gently massaging the scalp encourages the growth of the cells important to the regrowth of hair. Now might be the time to also add some herbs or oils listed in this article to your scalp as it is massaged.
By massaging your scalp you are increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles. This is important since your hair follicle is the only living part of your hair. Thus it is essential in your quest to grow thick hair.
If you can get your hairdresser to give you a few extra minutes and massage your scalp during your appointment, you are a lucky one. Otherwise, you may have to do it yourself. Not a bad idea but always better to be able to enjoy a massage from a “professional”.

5. Coconut Oil

coconutAdd this aspect to all of the great things coconut oil can do for you. Try rubbing the coconut oil into your scalp. It will moisturize your hair all the way to your follicles. The added moisturizer should help with any itchy dry scalp as well.
Just be sure to shampoo after massaging your scalp or in the morning after giving it time to do its thing. No one wants to see oily hair. That may be just as bad as thinning hair!
Coconut oil will reinvigorate your hair and hair follicles to keep hair healthy. It has many other health benefits in addition to its moisturizing qualities. Coconut oil has a positive effect on your metabolism. It aids in the reduction of insulin resistance and improves insulin efficiency in the body. This should be good news for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.
Extra virgin coconut oil is neither sticky nor greasy so it is often the choice oil for massage therapists. It forms a light coating and is easily absorbed by your skin. Coconut oil does contain saturated fats. However, these fats in coconut oil appear to reduce negative lipids such as LDL and triglycerides while increasing the good cholesterol, HDL. This leads to a positive effect on your body, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. The opposite of what is is often believed to be true.
Enjoy your coconut oil, as a body spread or as part of your diet.

fish oil capsules 6. Fish Oil   

Not the oil from the actual fish but the oil in fish oil capsules. That way no problem with the terrible odor after a fish has been out of the refrigerator too long. Fish oil is known to be high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. These can be used to improve your hair health from the inside out.
You can also get your fish oil by eating wild-caught salmon. Try it twice a week. Farm-raised fish is not as high in the omega-3 fatty acids we all need and in addition, may contain chemicals and additives that negate any positive factors. Fish oil is important to our well being so keeping hair healthy is perhaps a by-product of the importance of fish oil.

chemical powder7. Sulfates  

This is a stay away-from-additive in shampoos. The chemicals sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are added to some shampoos to add a foamy texture as a cleansing agent to the shampoo. The problem is that these chemicals may work too well. They will strip your hair shafts of its needed moisturizers. You are left with dry and damaged hair. So remember moderation.
Too many sulfates will cause irritation and itching on your scalp. It is advisable to stay away from too many sulfates. After all, sulfates are found in many household cleaning products. Think twice before adding hard-working household products to your hair and scalp. Many ingredients have an adverse effect on your hair. Not a great way to combat hair loss.

 8. No Pooers woman with head in washing machine  

There are many who no longer wash their hair on a daily basis. Just read about sulfates to see why this is a growing trend. You do not need to wash your hair every day. After all, how much are you sweating on a daily basis and how much dirt really gets into your hair.
However, it is refreshing to have that squeaky-clean, post-shampoo feeling.
Taking reasonable care of your hygiene does not mean you have to daily wash your hair. After all, my grandmother skipped the shampoo between hairdresser appointments. If she did the “do” just fell flat. That being said, I still shampoo every day. It just does not feel right not to wash my hair. A lifetime of habit is so hard to break.

cracked egg9. Eggs   

You read it right, eggs. Eggs are high in protein. Try an egg mask to transfer some of this protein from the egg to your hair. It has been a thing for more than a few years and sometimes it pays to do what our forefathers have done.
Let me know if it works and how it feels to have egg on your face.
More useful facts about eggs to combat hair thinning and get thick hair from Home Remedies for Life:
  • “The healthy fatty acids present in egg yolk moisturize the scalp and hair, maintains it smooth and prevents hair breakage.
  • Compound Lecithin found in egg yolk is a type of protein that minimizes frizz and reduces tangling (one of the reason for hair loss).
  • Vitamin A present in eggs control sebum production in the scalp and treats dandruff.
  • Vitamin E present in eggs protects the hair and scalp from sun damage.”

fork10. Diet     

Now you should have known this one was coming. A great diet helps us become more healthy, from the inside out. If we are not taking care of our bodies there is no way to get thick hair. Our bodies can take care of us when we eat a varied diet and consume a little of all the foods that do you good.
Do not forget to ask your physician before mixing any of the above practices with medications you may be taking. It is never a good idea to use any method, natural on young children.
Try some or all of our suggestions. Read more at for all things seniors. Please email us at and let us know how it works for you. We will spread the word.