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The future is now for anti-aging. The discovery of the code for extending life has already been achieved. Unfortunately, neither you nor I will ever benefit from this revelation.


This project has been financed by multiple billionaires around the world. It involves the research for and the production of a substance called telomerase.

Telomerase is produced in our bodies. It prevents the destruction of the telomeres in each of our cells. Telomeres are located at the end of each dividing cell in our body. They shorten as each cell divides. Your cells need telomeres to continue to thrive. Eventually, the telomeres are used up. It is the foundation of life and death.

Death can and does result from means other than the loss of all telomerase and thus telomeres in our bodies. There is no way to mitigate other unfortunate occurrences. These include accidents, stroke, cancer, heart attack or other natural processes. However, when you are out of telomeres you are definitely out of life.


Have We Mastered The Circle Of Life?

Telomerase is produced by recombinant DNA sequencing.  The discovery of the production of telomerase was a multi-year research project financed by those who could afford it the most and those who wanted it the most. The result was the development of a substance that would increase the telomerase in our bodies and thus significantly extend the normal lifespan of humans.

This substance must be injected into your body at frequent intervals for the process to work. The results are not long lasting but will supply telomerase for as long as the injections continue. The production of this substance is very complicated and very expensive. The scientists who discovered it are not releasing any details of the substance nor how it works.

It is suspected that a number of aging billionaires are experimentally using telomerase to extend their lives. If a person begins injections of the substance before the age of 70, their expected survival may be as long as 150 years.

This miracle will allow those people to become very powerful masters of the universe. Their wealth will expand exponentially and thus they will become the rulers of the world. This statement is not hyperbole but is an actual fact.

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When Can We Have The New Reality?

The general public will never have access to telomerase. Researchers from the private and government sector have predicted that anarchy would begin within 20 years of its distribution to the public. The extended lives of people would cause economic collapse all over the world.

Government resources such as pension funds as well as personal savings would be exhausted. Can you imagine a person retiring at 50 years of age with a $100,000 per year pension lasting for as long as that person lives?

You can do the math and see that fiscal disintegration would occur very quickly. Economic collapse would develop into government collapse and anarchy. Nuclear war and annihilation of the human race would follow in a few years. Depletion of all natural resources would be an important factor in the termination of the human race.

The world population would soar beyond sustainable levels. Consequently, governments will suppress all attempts to allow the public to partake in this drug. As you can see, the release of telomerase will not occur unless by accident or by subversion.

Another problem is that no one knows if those using the drug will be functional or if they will become demented during their lifespan. The long-term consequences of the use of this experimental drug are not known. This apparent miracle may result in unforeseen complications not yet described. However, for those already up in years, the risk is worth the possible repercussions.


Genetic Engineering

On the other hand, genetic engineering may supersede telomerase. Governments around the world are in process of genetically engineering people who will be of genius caliber, large size, and super-human strength. Imagine a race of superior beings used to fight wars or to subvert a government. A small group of these superior beings could easily subjugate the entire world. This research is ongoing and not only theoretical but is in the experimental stages.

We will probably not witness this event for at least 10 to 20 years. As they are living humans, it will take that long for them to mature. They will look like all of us but may have unusual beauty and will definitely be of superior strength and intelligence.

In their eyes we, the normal humans, may be seen as inferior. Imagine an army of these people set free on the world. This process of genetical engineering has already begun by every advanced culture in our world.


Artificial Intelligence

The above two scenarios could be moot since artificial intelligence is also in the experimental stages. Within the same 20 to 30 years intelligent machines will be a reality on Earth. We may end up with a situation of advanced intelligent machines battling genetically engineered humans for supremacy.

Enough of the good news. So what can you do at this time to extend your life without the means described above? There is no one good answer. Research all information about anti-aging. You must do everything you can to improve your own life and to keep your mind healthy. It may simply be a matter of diet, supplements, and healthy living.

You Are On Your Own

Do not expect help from the government or from those with the means to provide for humanity. It would not be in the best interest of those with the knowledge to share it. The problem arises that when everyone becomes super, then no one is super.

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