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Happy Kids, Happy Trip

Most grandparents will remember… the trip – or trips – where everyone looked forward to leaving but quickly regretted as soon as the kids got entangled in those cycles of bickering or complaining. Whether you’re flying, driving or going by train, there’s the certainty that your grandchildren will become bored, hungry, cramped, or just plain old feisty. Happy kids make for happy trips.

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You Went on What Kind of a Specialty Cruise?

Today a cruise can be anything you want it to be. Choose a specialty cruise and join in the fun or just sit around the pool and lounger. The choice is yours. Eat a lot of a little. Drink a lot or a little. Take in the tranquility of the cruise or join in the boisterous activities. You will be amazed at your choices.

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Making Light of Packing With A Vacation Checklist

A vacation checklist is important. Keep one on your computer and print it out for every trip. It is easy to add to or subtract from the list. Remember, if you have to carry your own luggage, the lighter the better. By the end of the trip that extra pair of shoes will get heavier and heavier.

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