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What to See in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia should be on the bucket list for all senior travel. The view of the sunsets overlooking the cliffs is incredible. The Island is a popular holiday destination and its ancient culture is rich in history. It contains exotic temples and palaces which are set against stunning natural backdrops. You can enjoy the cuisine, party in the evenings, or just enjoy the towering volcanoes or pristine jungles. The resorts are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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5 Best Cruises for Seniors

One of the perks of living as a retiree is the luxury of traveling. Even if you’ve yet to retire, wouldn’t it be nice to plan a cruise?

However, with the wide selection of cruises available, picking the right one can seem overwhelming and a bit taxing. You don’t want to book a trip that falls below your expectations.

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Best Travel Tips For YOU

Travel tips abound However, these are the 7 best travel tips for seniors. In the excitement of planning for a trip, it is hard to remember everything. The one thing you forget can ruin everything. Plan and prepare ahead for a great time.

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Making Light of Packing With A Vacation Checklist

A vacation checklist is important. Keep one on your computer and print it out for every trip. It is easy to add to or subtract from the list. Remember, if you have to carry your own luggage, the lighter the better. By the end of the trip that extra pair of shoes will get heavier and heavier.

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