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Let’s Talk About Magnesium

OK, here is the scoop on magnesium. You need it. You may not want it but you need it. Get over it & take your magnesium. Sounds like your Mom speaking.

If she were here, she would agree. She might now know all it does, but we know it is an important mineral for all of us.

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Human Growth Hormone-HGH-A Double Edged Sword

Is treatment with Human Growth Hormone the key to eternal youth? Is it more than a muscle building hormone? Can HGH really help your sex life? The side-effects must be taken into consideration prior to any treatment. Before making a decision as to whether HGH is for you, consider all the alternatives with an open mind and lots of research.

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DHEA-The Hype Is Real

DHEA affects so many areas of our lives. It is an important supplement. Without it, our mood may not be the best, not to mention all it does for anti-aging. If we had known about it years ago we would have started taking it then. There is never a better time than now to start to combat stress and work on our anti-aging strategies.

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Cat’s Claw

The herb cat’s claw is used by many in their quest for disease and pain relief as well as for anti-aging purposes. Unfortunately, we can not recommend its usage. There have not been enough studies to prove that its benefits far outweigh its contraindications.

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Overcoming Constipation

Constipation is a sensitive subject. However, overcoming constipation is a relieving subject. Everyone has this problem at one time or another in their lives. How to overcome constipation is important to the person who has the problem at the current time. And we all hope it will not be our problem for quite a long time.

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