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Unfair Advantage

Who said an unfair advantage is the bane of the world. Why only those who do not have one and can not figure out how to get one. An unfair advantage is the way of the world. Go out there and get yours if you want success.

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Importance of Educaton

Investing basics are important to everyone in our society. We all need to understand how the system works. Is it fair? No, but that is the world we live in. Get Smart!

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Reason My Better Half Returned To College

College was a trying time in our lives. The grades were important, the courses were important, the studying was important. Today we can attend for the joy of learning. Our imaginary restraints are lifted. It is time to learn for the sake of learning.

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My Better Half Goes To School

Seniors should consider going back to school. It is good for your mind and good to learn new things. Just be cautious about getting a “participation trophy.” The new generation expects it but we assume only hard work will get you where you want to go. How could we have been so wrong all of these years?

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