You Went on What Kind of a Specialty Cruise?

You Went on What Kind of a Specialty Cruise?

Today’s Cruise is not your Parent’s Cruise

There is so much to do and see on a cruise. Or perhaps there is so much not to do and so much not to see on a cruise. You can book a specialty cruise and do just about anything you want to. In the past, the cruises were all about the food and the ports of call. That has not changed except that now there are more options for specialty cruises. You can join in or just enjoy yourself and relax. If you are looking for a single cruise, search no longer. If you can think of something you enjoy, you can find it on a cruise ship. Better yet, you can find a cruise that specializes in just that sort of activity.

Spa Treatments

massage on a cruise

If you want a relaxing time and a spa treatment, a cruise may be just what you need. Go for it and splurge. You may regret it if you do not enjoy what the ship has to offer. You can get your hair or nails done. Participate in a couples massage or enjoy one alone.

There are ships designed to be a complete spa experience, from the rooms to the specialty dining to the equipment available to those who are willing to pay. The service may be outstanding and just what you want. Many ships stick to the tried and true. They have a great spa onboard for all who search for it. But then there are cruises which incorporate the spa treatment into the complete experience.

A Specialty Cruise For You

You can take a cruise and sit in educational courses at the same time. Many experts in a field speak on their subject during a cruise. An Alaskan Cruise may have an expert knowledgeable about whales or the glaciers onboard.

If you are in a profession that requires continuing education, there is always an offering aboard a cruise ship. There are Mah Jong Cruises during which the passengers play Mah Jong during the cruise. Many cruises are magnets for family reunions.

A remarkable cruise is the JoCo Cruise. It is so popular that it takes up a whole cruise ship. On this particular cruise, the passengers, as well as the performers will be caught up in music, comedy, gaming, and writing.

Here is a short list of specialty cruises available. There are so many more.

Running Cruises
Star Trek Cruises
Antique Barge Cruises
Culinary Cruises
Cycling Cruises
Garden Cruises
Golf Cruises
Tennis Cruises
Wine Cruises
Educational Science Cruises

The list goes on and on. You can find just about any kind of a cruise whose passengers have the same interests you do: football, baseball, music, TV, dancing, faith-based, wine and beer, and science and nature to name a few. Just find your passion and go for it!


cruise gym

If you are interested in yoga or step aerobics, you can easily sign up for a fitness class during the cruise. The abundant food and relaxing atmosphere are intoxicating. You may forgo your weekly routine but if you want to participate in a class, it is available. The gyms onboard cruise ships usually offer resistance training machines, elliptical trainers, treadmills, and free weights as well as classes. Not to mention the relaxing view as you are working out.

Food and Drinks

The food is in abundance. The drinks can keep coming for as long as you desire. You have no place you have to be and you are not steering the ship. It is not an excuse to get inebriated every minute of every day as the sun will come up and you still want to be able to enjoy some of the sights. However, if that is why you decided on a cruise, then it will be forgiven to have a few, or many, drinks every day.

Dessert bar on a cruiseMany ships no longer have that decadent midnight buffet. Not to worry, food is available all hours of the day and night. With today’s more health conscious adults, the lavish buffet is no longer the attraction that it once was. Buffets are still available, just not that unique spread that was once the calling card of every cruise.

Many of the cruise lines have come up with spectacular substitutes to that famous buffet. Carnival has a Mexican buffet, Not a glorious as the midnight buffet but you can eat as much an hour before midnight as you could an hour later. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a chocolate night during each cruise. The passengers go from specialty restaurant to specialty restaurant tasting the chocolate desserts offered. Royal Carribean and Disney have room service available all day and night so you will not go hungry.

There is a cruise for everyone and everyone can find a cruise. Get busy and choose the cruise you have been dreaming of. Just plan your vacation well so nothing is left out. It is easy, just pay your money and away you go. There is no cruise that is not a good cruise. Get onboard and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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