Should You Get The Simply Fit Board ?

Unequivocally yes. Do you have to be very careful? Yes. Can you jump on the board today and be fit tomorrow? No. Should you try the simply fit board? Yes. Is the simply fit board hard to use? No. Can you fall off the simply fit board and get hurt? Yes, remember the be careful question.

After all that you still should give the Simply Fit Board a try. Hold onto a counter, a chair, a sofa or a person when you first try the board. Using the board will help your balance. Seniors need all the help possible. But be cautious. The last thing you need is to fall and get hurt.

The first day I tried the board was fun. That night was not. I hurt my back and woke up in pain. It was my own fault. Any time you start a new exercise routine your body is not used to the new moves and your muscles will revolt. I rested and started back and took it slowly. It has definitely been a good experience.

The simply fit board is not hard to use after you get used to it. My thighs are getting stronger and using the board has helped my balance. It is fun to use and easy to store. It is in the TV room all of the time as a reminder that it is waiting for me.

Get up and use your simply fit board!


Let us know if you have used the board and what you think.