Who says we can not be sexy? That young millennial looks good till she opens her mouth and shows her ignorance. She is no competition for me. Obviously, she thinks she is something special but really?

I Have It All

The fact is that we are sexy seniors. We can remain at our best by living right. That includes eating the right foods, taking the right supplements, and keeping our bodies at their best. I am older but my anti-aging activities are paying off. The man I am looking for is not looking for that younger gal who thinks she has it all.

He is not following that younger person with his eyes. They remind him of children. I remind him of a self-assured person who would be fun to be with. I am interested in the things he is interested in. He does not have to explain every reference in every sentence.

We laugh at the same things. Our field of reference is contemporary to us. The younger generation does not interest us. Nor do we care what they are doing or where they are going. They do not matter in our lives.

I Have Lived a Life

Just like those others in my generation, I have lived a life. I understand so much more than these younger ones ever will. I have been there. And I understand where we are going.

Just give me a man in my life who is looking for what I am looking for. Give me someone who scoffs at the immaterial and laughs at the impatient young. You can only understand if you have been thru it all before. We are not looking but if we find each other, all the better. After all, we can wait. We are mature and one day we sexy seniors will ask another: “Where have you been?”

Communities and Organizations

For those looking to learn more about this topic, we’ve included a host of resources below.

Meetups: Meetups are everywhere. Log on and find something that interests you. There you will find others.

Churches and Synagogues: There is at least one in every area. Find one that interests you and GO.

Fitness Class: Often the local Y will have fitness class just for seniors.

Volunteer: Read all about it at Guide For Seniors.

Take a Senior Trip: Many travel sites have trips just for seniors and just for single seniors.

Read more at GuideForSeniors.com for all things senior. You can email us at guideforseniors@gmail.com.

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