Plan For It. NOW

Plan For It. NOW

Make a plan to prepare for the rest of your life.

How difficult is it? Just ask me and I will tell you it is very difficult. Sure I have had plans before but they were so uncomplicated.

With 3 young children, the plan was just to get through the day with no more than 2 breakdowns. And the breakdowns included me. I remember the day my husband got home from work and all 4 of us were sitting on the couch crying.

The problem is that a plan in my head just disappears. Here one moment and gone the next. Not like when the kids were small. Remember that one: just get through the day.

Now it is more complicated. Where do I want to be in 1 year, in 5 years, in 10 years?

I can not go any further than that for the same reason I do not buy unripe bananas.  

But I do have some ideas:

1. I do want not to have to worry about money. The story of our lives! Our time is not unlimited and I am tired of waiting and worrying.

2. Reduce the clutter in my life. That will help to reduce the stress, Every time I search for my favorite knife it is frustrating. What are the knives in the drawer doing? Reproducing when I am not looking?

3. Travel to exotic places. OK, that is a throwback from my 30’s. There are no exotic places. This one is too expensive, that one will take too many hours to get there, and the last one means I have to camp. Maybe then but not now.

It is time to make a plan. It is time to make a written plan. It would help to know where I am going.

I will do it tomorrow after I find out where all of the knives are coming from.

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