Aging shouldn’t be a factor when seniors exercise.

According to American College of Sports Medicine, seniors who exercise will live longer and have more productive lives. The blood flow to the brain is enhanced during and after exercise, thus promoting mental health, not to mention physical health. This will improve many facets of a person’s health, including mood swings as well as balance and general health.

By exercising a senior will be able to stay active and more independent for a longer period of time.

Exercising helps reduce the problems associated with diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis, to name a few.

Government guidelines state that all adults (including seniors) should get 2 ½ hours a week of moderate exercise or 1 ¼ hours a week of high intensity aerobic exercise. This is not as much as it seems. Especially if the exercise is completed in small segments. Walking briskly for at least 10 minutes counts as physical activity. However, exercise should be performed in no less that 10 minutes.  Continuous activity reaps the best results. It is not helpful to perform all of the activity at one time. It needs to be spread out during the whole week to be more effective. Just ten minutes here and there is a great start to all senior exercise.

Different types of exercises are great for seniors.

  • Aerobic Exercise: This is also known as endurance exercise. All adults need to take care that vigorous exercise does not hurt your joints. If there is a problem, stop immediately. There are other forms of aerobic exercise that is less stressful. You can try aquatic exercise, dancing (Zumba) or the stationary bicycle.
  • Resistive Strength Exercise: This category includes walking steps, weight training (light weights are fine), or resistive band exercises. They all help you to become more fit.
  • Flexibility and Stretching Exercise: Yoga is a part of this group. You should hold the stretches. Yoga can be done by all levels. You only need to do what you can and you will find it becomes easier every time you work at it.
  • Balance Exercises: Yoga will also help in this department as well as tai chi. It is important to practice your balance. It is also easy to accomplish. One can always practice standing on one leg while holding onto a chair or the wall. You will be amazed at how quickly your balance improves with practice.

Always be wary and check with your doctor regarding exercising; Start slowly – you don’t have to stress yourself, do it gradually; always rehydrate – drink lots of fluids! When exercising always think of the benefits you’ll get and do not take your body for granted.


Have you tried different kinds of exercise?  Share your list of types of exercise with us!