In a few words:

Quarantine is BORING

I always thought my life was boring and uninteresting. That is what social media does for you. I viewed all the interesting posts and believed that my life was boring compared to what everyone else is doing.

Well, I was wrong. I used to go to the post office about three times a week. I went to the grocery store about every third day.  We used to go browse at Barnes and Noble a few times a week and out to eat either before or after that. I like to look in Costco & walk up and down all the isles.

The Farmers Market was engaging with new foods to bring home and taste. Eating out was always fun. I even like Waffle House. Their waffles are, well, interesting. There was a small coffee shop I went to in Denver when I visited my daughter that had the best coffee I ever had. My visits to see the grandson were fantastic.

I met my sister every Wednesday and we went out to eat lunch. That lunch date lasted from 11:30 am to about 4 pm. It was a highlight of my week.

Once a month my honey and I would drive to another small town near Atlanta to get our hair cut (Stan never butchers our hair). Our evenings at the gym classes made me sore but were needed. Yet still, I really thought my life was rather boring and mundane. But I liked doing those things.

I did not realize how much I did enjoy my life. Now I am in self quarantine and cooped up here in the house with nothing to do but browse the internet. After all, you can only clean the house and yard but so many times. This is really boring.

To pass the time in quarantine just like everyone else I spend some time browsing the internet.

I want to share with you some interesting items on the world wide web. In  our quarantine, we all need some entertainment and a good laugh.

Auntie Fee

I do not like to cook but I am even trying some recipes that work with the canned goods I have. Quarantine may make me more creative. However, I will not get my hopes up.

However, Auntie Fee makes cooking hilarious. You may not have the same sense of humor that I have but you have to admit she is priceless.

And then there is the cooking that she does at her home.


This is just one of the items I want to share. Please send in the funny items you have found on the internet so we all can have a good chuckle. The daily news is too depressing but this may give us all a good laugh! Please email me at guideforseniors@gmail and I will add your comments to this post.

We must laugh or we may cry!


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