Reasons for Seniors To Attend College

Why go back to school at our age? Great question. I wish I had all the answers. Here are a few of the reasons my better half decided to go back to school. So how is that working out for him?

Share his great ideas for humanity:

Engineering is appealing to him as his ideas for future development are based on actual years of practice.

Meet new people:

The younger generation is difficult to read. They discount older people and doubt our knowledge.

Try exciting new things:

New concepts can be exciting to learn and understand. However, revisiting math is challenging.

Become a part of the community:

Our community has not included anyone in their 20’s since our children were that age. Young adults that age do not want to associate with us seniors.

Impart knowledge to those coming behind us:

The younger generation is simply too young and immature to realize that they do not know everything. Don’t we all wish we were that knowledgable?

Become a more well-rounded person:

He is studying a field much different from what he did for 40 years so becoming more well-rounded is in the mix.

See how the business side of our economy works:

He is learning about how our economy caters to the younger generation. 

Understand more about our computerized world:

The computer part of the school is good. He is rapidly coming up to speed. He can now find the mail icon. (Ha.)

universityReasons To Attend A University Of Higher Education

There are great reasons for someone to go to college out of high school. There are also a lot of good reasons for an individual not to go to college after high school. It is not for everyone.

The parents among us will probably not like the way our children are brainwashed into thinking the way the school wants them to think. In college, they are expected to detail all of the ideas their professors want them to recite. It is not about individual thinking anymore. It may be more about changing the landscape of our country. Not at all the setting we experienced when we went to college.

These are a few of the reasons our education system maintains that everyone should go to college:

Gain job security.
Get health insurance.
Learn a valuable skill.
Make lasting connections.
Get support as you launch a business.
Become more financially fit.
Expand your career options.
Increase your self-esteem.

numbersRun The Numbers

I encourage high school graduates to run the numbers before starting any new adventure. Is this “adventure” really economically advisable? Do the financial gains outweigh the costs that come with this decision. Are you choosing a field that you can excel in and more importantly one in which you can achieve financial success?

We recognize that a good education doesn’t always require a four-year degree.

– Mike Rowe

How do you feel about being acclimated to a very liberal community? Your ideas will no longer be your ideas but the ones your professors want you to spout. Can you live with having alien (new generation) ideas imposed upon you?

My better half is enjoying his time at the university for now. He will get his participation trophy just like everyone else in his class. The professors have already told everyone not to worry, they will all get A’s or B’s. I do not remember this system of grading when I went to school, do you?

But where is the education in that system? Has it come to this? Just show up and get your trophy. No effort required. I no longer trust that a master’s degree means what it used to mean. But perhaps the esteem with that title is what they are looking for. The education gleaned is secondary to the end result.

But for us seniors, this system is ideal. We are not looking to conquer the world. We want knowledge. It is there for the taking for those who are willing to delve headfirst into a new experience.

Live your life the way you should! You are the only one who can. Now get out there and lose the negativity.

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