Overcoming Constipation

by R Long
October 02, 2016


Constipation is very common among seniors and children. Everyone gets in at one time or another in their life. The symptoms can be reduced by changing your diet, exercising more, drinking more water and by eating fiber-rich foods. Being inactive and sedentary is one of the major causes of constipation in adults.

The question is how to overcome constipation. There are many things you can do. Adding fiber rich foods, including legumes, vegetables, beans, and fruits, to your diet will help. If the change is made slowly, it is less likely to be difficult.  It may be a problem as many seniors do not like change and eat the same things all of the time.  By exercising, seniors will obtain a better appetite and will eventually enjoy the different foods presented. The best solution is that seniors will be working on overcoming constipation.


Lack of exercise can be overcome but it is difficult. When a person is not used to moving around, it is a complete change in routine for that person to start being more active. In addition, that individual may have health problems that will not allow him or her to exercise.


Walking is a good first step.  After walking slowly for a while, that person needs to be encouraged to walk faster. It may be quite a hurdle for a senior to begin new habits. After he or she sees results, it will be easier to continue. That first step is always the hardest.

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Make Changes

Treating constipation usually starts with making changes to the body’s normal pattern. Many will object to this change and it will not be easy for those around the senior. However, if these measures can help to avoid medications, it may be worth the effort for the senior and his caregiver.


Over the counter stool softeners are a good aid to conquer temporary constipation. If it is a constant issue, your doctor can prescribe stronger aids. Laxatives are a temporary relief for the problem and your doctor should always be consulted.

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Additional Resources

For those looking to learn more about this topic, we’ve included a host of resources below. These include products that may be useful, links to other organizations, and places to find more information from quality sources.


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Communities, Support Groups, and Organizations

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