My Better Half Goes To School

My Better Half Goes To School

Seniors Going Back To School

No, I am not kidding. He has decided to go back to school. Several of our friends have said their children have 2 things that they do well. The main one is going to school. That certainly makes sense for a 20 something-year-old. But at our Senior age?

My husband went to talk to the dean when he decided to go back to school. The dean said that they never had anyone even close to his age go to school there and he was 56. Oh, such a baby! Now they can claim to have a student who is on medicare. He even had to get a waiver for the insurance requirement to get medicare to be approved.

I tried to pack his lunch but he just glared at me. I even found an old popeye lunchbox for him to take. Or even the shirt that says “school sucks, I am going skiing.” That one is hanging in my son’s closet. I promised to drive my better half to school on the first day and be home with cookies and milk at the end of the day. It did not go over well.

Different Generation?

Dealing with the new generation was difficult. The worst was when his ideas were constantly dismissed. They ridiculed him as not knowing anything and then, lo and behold they used his ideas. Good thing he really does not need a job.

The new method of education team learning. Students are separated into groups. In the master’s program, they work on presentations. My better half said they made him nervous just sitting in the same room with them prior to any presentation or exam. He kept telling them no one was going to die, it would be all right, and in the whole scheme of things, this was basically immaterial. They liked him even less.

The students were graded as a team. Every member of the team would get the same grade. If the team could not get a member to do his share, well the instructors said that was their problem and not to come to the instructor about it. After hearing that I found a way to stop the constant disillusionment with his team meetings.

After all, at this point, the team rarely took his ideas seriously and loved to waste time. They would decide to meet at 2 and then at 1:50 send a note that it was changed to 3. After arriving at 3, they would all have to get something to eat before starting the discussion. It was a lost cause and I was tired of hearing all about it.

How many times did I say, “OK just don’t go.” After all, he was assured of the same grade the team got, although grades at this point in our lives are immaterial.

The team threatened to ban him from the group when he missed one meeting and complained about wasting so much time. I tried to convince that that would be a great improvement. Oh, but no, due to his work ethic he had to show up for all of the inconsequential meetings.


My better half has been inducted into the new era of this world. He has received a participation trophy. He made the dean’s list with an A in every course. The honor society invited him to join its organization (for a fee, of course). Although he admits he was the worst student in the program, just by showing up he received a trophy.

Hurrah for seniors going back to school. But what about the younger generation? Does this trophy mentality improve their lives?

Live your life the way you should! You are the only one who can. Now get out there and lose the negativity.

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