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Mites, Go Away

Have you ever felt this way? You know you are not crazy although everyone says it is in your mind. You know it is real!

Something is Crawling on Your Skin

You can feel mites crawling. They are all over your body. Again and again, you take a bath and wash and wash. First with soap, then with a stronger soap, and then with an even stronger soap. Your skin is dry and itches all of the time. The washing helps for a short amount of time but then, the itching comes back with a vengeance.

You feel wretched. No one believes you when you inform them that you feel mites or bugs crawling on your arms and legs. You are constantly itching and scratching. You have tried hand cream, vaseline, hydrocortisone and allergy pills. Nothing helps. If your doctor tells you one more time that it is in your head you may be tempted to scream at him. Even your family is alarmed that you may be unhinged. Let them live in your skin just for one day and feel what you feel. Itchy, dirty and just plain miserable.

It does not help that no one can see the mites, not even with a magnifying glass. But you know they are there. You did not have this “condition” your whole life. It began recently. Now you know they are everywhere. You know you must find a way to rid yourself of this menace forever. And without anyone’s aid. Easier said than done but there has to be a cure somewhere. You are more determined than ever to find it and get your life back.

You start by combing the internet and reading everything possible about others who may have a problem with mites. You will be surprised that you are not the only person to suffer from this debilitating scourge. There is a cure. It will not be easy but it can be overcome.


You need to use gentle and natural products. Your skin is a natural protection against toxins. It helps to eliminate contaminations as it is part of your immune system. You do not want to use harsh chemicals and poisons that will impair its ability to help keep your body safe. You need to help it to help you. Stripping your skin if its natural oils and protection may help for a short period of time but you are destroying your first important line of defense.


We have a recommendation for you. Cedarcide has worked wonders for so many. I hope you are the next person who finds relief. It is is an organic pesticide and bug repellant. You will need the cold fogger for the pesticide that has been created to kill mites. It is expensive but worth every penny.

Three steps for getting rid of mites.

  1. 1. Launder your clothes
  2. 2. Wash your body appropriately
  3. 3. Fog your home with Cedarcide

Launder All Your Clothes

Your clothes should be laundered in the PCO choice solution by Cedarcide to destroy the mites and their eggs. Wash every washable item in your home. After removing your clothes from the dryer, immediately place the items in a sealed plastic garbage bag. Do this for every item possible. You are completing this step to make sure your washables are not being reinfected before your home is free from the mites. You may have to repeat this step.

Do not forget your pillows and yes, your mattress. A new mattress is expensive but well worth any effort to rid yourself of this pest. You also will need new pillows. It is difficult to wash and dry pillows and mattresses. Just figure it was time for new ones. Until the mites are eradicated, I do not recommend getting a new mattress. Sleep on a plastic blow up mattress until the mites are gone.

Wash your Hair and Bodycloth

Wash your hair with lice shampoo and rinse well. You should not use this shampoo regularly. It is simply too harsh for your skin and after multiple washes will irritate. Use it as necessary to get immediate relief.

When you wash your body, a natural body wash works well. We recommend the body wash from Airbonne.  Use a plastic wash cloth. This can be purchased at your local Rite Aid or Wal-Mart. The mites should not reproduce on the plastic as it is not a natural fiber. If you continue to use a cotton wash cloth there is a good possibility that you will reinfect yourself.

Fog Your House with Cedarcide

Fog your house until it is hard to see through the fog. Close up your home for a few hours. Make sure to turn off the air conditioner and all fans. This is not a “normal” fogger. By using this cold fog, the droplets of the chemical become very small and gives the desired result of destroying the mites. Cedarcide sells the cold fogger on their website.

Return after 4 hours and air out your home. It will have an odor of cedar. It is not dangerous but any strong odor is not good for you. Note you may have to do each step many times to rid yourself of these noxious mites. The fogging will be a normal part of your day and week until you no longer feel any mites on your body or on your furniture. Remember that even after you think they are gone, new eggs may be hatching. Continue for more days to be on the safe side.

Don’t Give Up

No one is certain why the mites prefer any particular person, but they do. They have an affinity for some individuals. You are simply one of the unfortunates that the mites prefer.


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