Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park, Croatia

Getting to Krka Park

The easiest way to get to Krka National Park is to rent a car. Renting a car in Split, Croatia is similar to renting a car in the US. The employees are helpful and most speak English very well. There are many rental car companies to choose from in the tourist areas as well as at the airport and around the ferry and bus stations.

I suggest you rent a car only when actually needed in Split. Cars are parked everywhere, including on the sidewalks. Blocking in other cars is the rule rather than the exception. Not only are the parking spots are difficult to find, but many have specific time limits. The fines are steep if you overstay your welcome. You may get a parking ticket as well as find your auto towed. The cost is so expensive and the tickets so prevalent that the rental car companies will charge you a deposit for parking fines, just in case.

Once you have rented a car, driving is much like in the states.  A few turns from the car rental company will put you on Highway 8 towards the Krka National Park. It takes approximately an hour to get to the park entrance from Split, Croatia. There are few cars driving on this excellent 4 lane highway after leaving the city. The road is a toll road but it is a small price to pay for such an easily traveled road.

After parking and paying an entrance fee of approximately $6 per person, you can take the free bus to the beginning of the trail. The park is not crowded but there are quite a few tourists and Croatians in the park. You can hear numerous languages being spoken all of the time. It takes about 3-6 hours to view the park. There is plenty of time to take your time and enjoy the sights.

Waterfall at Krka National Park

Water, Water, Water, Everywhere

The most noticeable thing about Krka National Park is the water. Water everywhere! And it ends up on one of the many waterfalls in the park. Pictures simply can not capture the spectacular views of the waterfalls. By looking at a picture you can not hear the water as it falls into the large pools nor feel the spray of the water on your skin. Numerous shallow streams connect to each other and to then to the waterfalls. There is a 2-3 kilometer boardwalk trail over and around the water. Numerous fish, frogs, and beautiful trees are in the park. The boardwalk trip cannot be missed. Waterfalls are everywhere, both large and small.

fig trees in Krka National Park

I Love Fig Trees

There are numerous large and innumerable fig trees in Krka National Park. Figs originated in the Mediterranean area. Some of the trees produce huge figs. The fig trees grow both in water and on land. They are easy to spot all along boardwalk path.

As a fig lover, this area seems like paradise. The number and size of the fig trees cannot be overstated. Fig trees grow wild in Croatia and some are more than 4o feet tall. There were more fig trees than waterfalls and there were so many waterfalls that you could not count them. One Croatian woman was complaining that she did not like figs. After they fall to the ground, the figs would ferment. Her dogs would eat the fermented figs and become inebriated.

Krka National Park, Croatia

The water never ends.


Waterfall at Krka National Park, Croatia

This is another one of the spectacular falls in Krka National Park. A swimming area is present in the park adjacent to the largest falls. There were a few hardy souls who entered the river to take a dip. The freezing water and the nearly impossible path to the water over very slippery rocks kept most people on shore. Forget the swimming and just enjoy the view.

You can not get enough of the beauty in the park. The falls may not be the only thing to see in the park but they are definitely the most spectacular. I highly recommend Krka National Park for everyone. A day trip from Split is suggested, except for the hardy who may prefer to camp.

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