I Really Do Not Like to Cook

My mother used to rail against me. She loved to cook. My sisters love to cook. They can not understand why I hate cooking. Everyone is different and I like different things. I hate to cook but I enjoy eating.

Have you ever noticed that in the book stores the isles with cook books are the most numerous. There are over 3 isles of cook books, not to mention “Top Picks in Cookbooks.” I glance at them occasionally and can not understand. There are only so many ways to broil a steak.

I never have all of the ingredients so everything I cook tastes the same. Buying a spice to use in one recipe is a waste of time and money. I despise going out to buy saffron or tarragon or whatever. I look at the bottles in my cabinet over and over again and eventually they get thrown out. Just in time for the next time I think about cooking and need the same item. I will not buy it again. So eventually everything tastes the same.

During the holidays it is difficult. All of the women get together and talk about the latest recipe they cooked. They say it with such gusto. To me it is a waste of time to spend 3 hours in purchasing, preparation and cooking for a mere 30 minutes of consumption. We have so many choices now. I can purchase an item ready-made, I can purchase a frozen entry that is delicious, I can purchase delivery or I can go out to eat. Who wants to go with me? The cost is the same. The cost of saffron and tarragon adds up over time.

I like my way better. Come and join me. Simple is good!